Cheating in Gaming

Didn’t really know where to put this, so I started a new thread. Very interesting.


I keep meaning to post a few links that this makes me think of and keep forgetting.

This one on a step forward in aimbotting using a second machine, a capture card, an input device and a bit of ‘AI’ software:

Video of it working:

The other links are from the ‘Darknet Diaries’ podcast. This one about some guys who got the Xbox 360 really early and ended up with access to the closed developer network: Part 1, Part 2

And this one about a hacker called ‘Manfred’ who I want to punch repeatedly in the face:

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I’ve never understood cheating on multiplayer games where’s the achievement that feeling of staying alive by your flukey balls why would you keep playing on the other hand I love watching videos of that guy who makes fake hacks for csgo proper justice :joy: