"Cooking Mama: Cookstar Pulled From Switch eShop Amid Accusations Of Mining Cryptocurrency"

I’m super interested to find out if this is legit. Shady crypto mining through apps, especially play apps, isn’t anything new, even through Steam from a few things I’ve seen, but I find it really interesting that a game inside a platform’s ‘walled garden’ let this through.

Weird times.

Any one play much Cooking Mama back on DS?


I find it hard to believe that alot of companies haven’t been doing this already a little Gpu power here an there hard to know whats running while you’re gaming, million of sales millions of processors

It has apparently been fairly common in Android apps in general, with some special preference for piracy apps. There are a few worms/viruses knocking around the aim for which is just to mine coin when you’re switched on.

Crazy if it has actually ended up in a mainstream release, though.