Dayz. Again

After @adrock mentioned he play it again recently, I thought I’d give it a try again late last night. It’d be a shit day, and running around random places seemed appealing.

It went like this:

Spawned near a village. Hungry, but warming up. Not thirsty. Ran into the outskirts. No zombies. Saw a well. Drank from the well to become hydrated. Looked up whilst sipping water from my heads and noticed apple trees next to the well. Searched for apple. found apple. ate apple. Hunger vanished. searched for another apple. found apple. ate apple. Now it told me I was full - those must be some nutritious apples!

At this point I thought, about 3 minutes into my time survivaling, that I should way up the pros and cons of adventuring onward. If I stay where I was, there would be no immediate danger. I have shelter. I have food. I have water. If I left this place, there is only potential death.

So I considered that a win. But… no. I thought I’d adverture on anyway… I had Jim Bowen’s voice in my head, urging me to check the next house… and the next… “Look at what you could have won…”

Alas, I didn’t find a speedboat. or an Austin Metro. But, I did find another town… bigger. I knew where I was - north east of the map. I also found a baseball bat.

and some zombies.

After batting one away with a scratch - I was bleeding badly. I used my rag. It wasn’t too bad. I moved into town. Not much to be found - stumbled upon the Police station. Empty. Upon leaving, I misjudged the amount of danger outside and ran straight into a zombie. Looked a little like Curt Cobain. We had a fight, which again left me bleeding. (Note: Blood effects are still incredibly bad in Dayz).

So now I was in trouble. No rags. Bleeding… made progress seem a little more urgent. My mind drifted back to happier times… The village with the water pump… and those sweet sweet apple trees. Why did I leave?

I knew their were no hospitals nearby. So things looked grim. I tried to search the more recognisable buildings… the cafe, the bar. Nothing. Then I saw it! - The blue building of a medical center! - Yes.

I made quick movement to it. No zombies nearby. Just as I approached the steps, I saw a figure also moving towards it on a constant bearing. It was another survivor!

“Hey man!” I shouted joyful. He had an axe and a clown mask on. I don’t particularly like taking people at face value… but how else do you take people with a clown mask on and carrying an axe? I ran into the medical center, unsure if he followed. On the floor immediately I saw bandages. Awesome! - Everything is going to be alright… I shouted again “Hey mate, how’s it going? You good?” - unsure of the guys location, but knowing he was close.

I ran out the building, looking over my shoulder. I couldn’t see him. I ran some distance from the building into cover… I needed to bandage fast.

crouched behind a tree and fence, I started to bandage. Then incredibly, I saw him - leave the building and come straight towards me. Axe raised. I couldn’t stop bandaging myself.

As he swung his axe with psychopathic precision towards my head, I managed to yell out my final words…

“I see Dayz is still full of cunts then…”

You are dead.


i just tried logging in and i appear to have been reset to a new spawn on the official hive. time to find an apple tree.

@adrock wasn’t impressed about my new pet wolf in our truck. Probably because she had previously tried to eat him. Just her way of saying hello.


@Jester…you found a working truck…dam u :slight_smile:


actually we found two and had a convoy :smiley:

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We’ve found a bus, a car, two truck… and last night, I spotted a 4x4 jeep.

Oh - and wolf packs are insane. If you hear them howl in the distance… you drop whatever you are doing and run.

I was sneeking up on a zed at a checkpoint… literally one step away from swinging my axe… suddenly a pack of 9 of them just lept out the forest next to me! - They attacked the zed… then turned their attention to me.

I didn’t live long.

In terms of the game - what has changed and is any of it for the better?

In terms of gameplay/purpose/endgame: Part of me wonders if DayZ needs the open world mission thing to spice it up? Or would that just be patching over the cracks?

I’ve played a bit, once you meet up with someone, I sort of get bored. Where I am I could probably survive without moving too far. Still feels like its missing something for me. Saying that, its a nice change of pace.

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Nothing’s changed much that i can see, but nothing’s broken on my or screwed me over this play through.

By the time Jes and I met up with Madman in Berezino in our 3rd truck though, I’m starting to run out of things to do in game. I can risk for greater reward, but as it’s a survival game and my survival is relatively certain if i don’t take those risks, the winning strategy now would be to not play…

It needs something, as a sandbox it doesn’t have enough content. Sure, new players coming into it might get some time out of it, but it’s a game that while it isn’t released yet, has been out for too many years and it’
s playerbase has played through the content it’s got. It’s all very well them wanting players to make their own stories, but we’ve played out all the stories the available content lets us make.

I had a chat with Jes while jogging about how the lack of story doesn’t make sense with the way the world is setup, in terms of population/zombie dissipation, the amount/type of resources available (there’s still fresh fruit in peoples kitchens you can scavenge, but all the vehicles have been out of action for years), why you’re in this place, why you can’t just leave (it’s a big map, but you can jog across it in under a day, minutes if you’ve a vehicle). We’re left to make up a reason we arrived here with nothing when here has absolutely nothing going for it.

And then there’s the apples that completely break the food/drink mechanics if you’re looking at it as a survival game. Sure, it’s boring to just gather apples, but it’s the method that ensures your survival with the most ease/least risk, and survival isn’t about making things difficult for yourself so you get a sense of achievement, it’s about surviving.

Sticking in missions or objectives would add some purpose; how long that would last would depend entirely on how it was implemented i guess. Some folks would get wound up about it ‘straying’ from what it used to be, but then Bohemia only seem to have time for their fans that are endlessly positive about everything they do, and pay little attention to criticism whether it’s warranted or not.

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Adrock summed it up pretty well.

In my opinion, it’d be better off being semi-persistent. Maybe something more like ‘Escape from Tanoa’ - where you have a single goal that has to be achieved by mini-goals. But basically, you finish… and then you start again. I’m not saying it needs to be a mission that gets finished in an evening’s play… but maybe a week or something. Make things you have to search for or do… and then have a conclusion.

The idea of everlasting persistence is a bit meh. I mean, imagine Wastelands with no missions. Just existing. It’d be terrible…

Cue response from Adrock: “But Wastelands IS terrible…” :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

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What a shame it is that DayZ has ended up like this.

It has spawned a genre of survival games and mods and was the first to really push out successfully with the Zombie Survival bit but has stagnated in to an empty sandbox.

A wish list for me:

  • Missions - Ala-wastelands
  • Some aspect of story - missions, collectables…something to follow.
  • Timed survival - like the various survival modes like the on in The Divison
  • More variety to zombies - not even ‘special infected’, just stuff like Zombies that died as soldiers still having some of their kit like vests or helmets to make them harder to kill
  • World events - earth quakes, storms, hordes

Heck, even throwing Battle Royale at it…anything to spice it up.

Bases…they need bases to build and get raided

Does need some of the above. Buildings where you can make them your own, or an area that you can make a settlement, but each area can only grow/make certain stuff, so that forces you to either raid other settlements or trade.

Or forces you to raid hospitals/army bases for what you need. Make it risk/reward and more engaging, not just run around and do things for no reason. Make stuff rare, and then have seasonal refreshes, so that you dont just raid the same place over and over again and are forced to try other places. Once a place/area is completely emptied, you then need to look else where or make do with what you have.

wastelands isn’t terrible, there’s just nothing to it. wastelands doesn’t have the same amount of gameplay to it’s ‘gearing up’ as DayZ, it’s survival mechanics are shallow as hell (drink water, eat food, repeat), and the missions don’t do enough for me. I’ve enjoyed some of the larger scale teamplay on servers in the past, but that’s not a thing on the recent server. As a sandbox, i feel like i’ve played what it’s got to offer and i’m bored of sitting about waiting for nothing to happen. As a tactical FPS Arma can still be great, but that’s not wastelands strong suit in comparison with other types of Arma that involve more combat or teamwork. I also feel like looting doesn’t really have a place in Arma, that’s something that’s held over from people who got into Arma off the back of DayZ and think a slower paced FPS must involve endless inventory management and checking for loot. There’s definitely a requirement for you to have an inventory and be able to manage it, but if it was meant to be a significant part of the game i feel the inventory system itself would have had a lot more time put into it, like the DayZ one has, because that’s a game where looting and inventory management are more important.

I’m not sure how you balance bases out. There are folks that want to build them, and folks that want to raid them, but you can’t cater to both. Either bases are secure and impregnable, and probably instanced, or they’re not and anyone who likes building things in games gets put off when their stuff gets destroyed, because there’s no way to sit and guard something 24/7. If the base builders leave, who’s left to raid, and if the raiders are there, why should anyone bother building a base for them to raid. What’s the motivation for building a base, when you certainly don’t need one to survive, and having one just makes it, and the stuff/time you put into it a target. Similarly, if resources are plentiful enough to build bases, what asshole decides ‘nah, I’m not gonna do the survival part of this survival game, i’m gonna grief people and steal their shit’, and how do i phrase that in a way which doesn’t make those people out to be cunts?

Also you can already grow food but no one can be bothered. vehicles are plentiful enough to not really need protecting, so i guess what’s the point of the base? How does having one help you survive, and how do you stop people using the mechanic to just build over/around every well or loot spawn point as happened on H1Z1 at points. Everything you need to survive is already available, if you take any of that away and make it something that you need a base to obtain/store, so people have to arbitrarily complete a bunch of other tasks before survival is possible, is that going to be more fun?

And honestly, the base building in Arma is utter crap, so i don’t imagine they’re going to do anything better for DayZ. The updates talk about them doing buried instanced storage, so you’d have a point on the map you buried stuff and you can go dig it up, but others are prevented from doing so, either making them inaccessible, or difficult to spot, or however they want to try and balance that out. Why anyone wouldn’t then have a stash at a barracks and just fill it up with everything they could ever want i don’t know, and i don’t think that would make the game more enjoyable either.

Stick a storyline in it and make it a co-op PvE game and it could be an enjoyable experience for players and potentially profitable for Bohemia, with bases, zombie variants, a plot, and endgame, and still large amounts of the same gameplay, but that’s not what the playerbase who’ve already paid for it paid for, so it’s stuck being an unfinished sandbox of a game that unlike Arma can’t rely on it’s community to fix it up or keep it going.

We already loot military bases and hospitals for supplies, would forcing us into doing that make it more enjoyable? If you make stuff rare, do you make stuff needed to survive rare (making the whole game more difficult) or do you make it the optional stuff, like higher end weapons or military uniform bits with more inventory space, that are rarer, in which case, why bother, you don’t need them to survive.

Early Access:
You buy a blank canvas based on what an artist said they were going to paint on it, but the artist keeps sketching outlines in pencil and erasing them over and over and you think ‘i get where you’re trying to go with this, but you do need to actually paint the painting’.

DayZ Early Access:
A committee of people commission this artwork, but they all interpret what the artist says they’ll paint differently, so as the painting comes together, more and more of them become displeased that it’s not turning out how they imagined, until the artist stops working and is now just retouching existing bits of it (he’s copied it over to an entirely fresh canvas twice) because if they try to go any further they’ll alienate their remaining patrons.

That’s where i think we’re at. There’s loads of stuff they could do, but doing it would change the game from what it’s sold itself as, so they’re not going to do anything.

Could make it so that settlements require stuff to keep them running, water pumps, fuel, generators etc and all these have parts with life spans or that need maintained. Settlements are you main place for all that keeps you alive/healthy (fresh food/water) You can survive outside of these, but its harder to find what you need, and non fresh stuff can cause illness etc. Also means finding the balance between growing too large and managing supplies.

You could then have NPCs to held work/defend settlements from raids, or have it that raids can only steal a % of what is stored. I know this would turn the game more into a sort of MMO/RPG style game, but it’s what it lacks for me, just something to give the game a purpose.

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@Hammy…Zed trains matey…thats all you need. Zed trains :smiley:

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but it isn’t harder to find what you need, apple trees are everywhere.

Whether you make it an mmo or an rpg or just a co-op settlement management/maintenance game (co-op stardew valley?), that’s a different game. What about the players who have no interest in bases or settlements, will it get harder for them to play the way they want to? Would you remove the apples, wells, or animals?

I’m not saying that couldn’t be fun, i just think they won’t, or will be incredibly slow to make those sorts of changes because they fear alienating their remaining players by doing anything drastic to try and attract new/returning players.

If it was opened up to modding, it would be fixed, in terms of missing content being added back, fixing some bugs (trapped in scenery bandage induced headshot suicide being one), loot points, and a bunch of minor issues or annoyance; and there’d be a variety of options to meet those needs that people could choose to run on servers so they could play the way they want (in terms of settlements, ‘quests’ or rpg elements, zombie variety, vehicle choice, additional survival mechanics etc), and then most of those would end up empty and dead until the more popular combinations prevail, and we’d still have a better game and better choice of how to play than bohemia have been able to offer us in years. But it needs them to open it up.

apparently we’ve been playing on a temporary database, and they’ve now reverted back to the regular one and i’m a different character again, the one i guess i was a week and a half ago. that’s me out for now; there’s no appeal to spending however many hours re-treading what i’ve played in the last week so i can get back to the point of having nothing to do, that isn’t a good time.

Just been reading up on Vigor that they’re doing for the xbox, clearly that’s their focus and covers a lot of the same ground, but no mention of a release on any other platforms, and it’s paid early access this year and then free to play release next year when apparently they think it’ll be ready. Fuck knows how they’re that confident.

Yeah, I jumped on last night… and didn’t know what to do. Gave up after 10 minutes… then Discord crashed.

I might give some of the other survival games I have on my Steam account a looksee.

I still have h1z1 or just survive as I believe the survival part is called now.