Deep Rock Galactic (4 player CooP)

Whether deep under-mountain or out in the void of space, Dwarves are one of the most stable of fantasy archetypes. They love their drink, they love their gems, and when given the chance they’ll always dig too greedily and too deep. You’ll get to do all of this in upcoming co-op shooter/mining expedition Deep Rock Galactic, which looks to blend Minecraft-ish spelunking with Left 4 Dead style procedural combat encounters, all wrapped up in a neat semi-low-fi art style.

While the final release of the game is still some ways off, developers Ghost Ship Games will be opening throwing open its doors to brave bearded pioneers later this month, with the first public build available via Steam Early Access on February 28th.


Any one fancy the look of it?


If I stop slapping my cock against the screen long enough to type this… yes.


Was just about to type this is you sorta thing Cal :slight_smile:





Hells yes! :smiley:


Well colour me intrigued…


This seems to be getting off to a good start so far and getting a warm reception from Steam reviews.

It is in Early Access, but I’ve only stumbled across 1 negative feedback in relation to key-binding.

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Fuck it, bought this and installing now :slight_smile:

Will report back later this evening with initial thoughts.


Just got it too. Will hopefully give co op a try with NaloaC

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ello, yea same I just bought it! looks bloody great!

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grabbed this earlier and gave the intro a quick bash, seems quite nice.

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I went through the tutorial and started a basic mission running solo.

Initial impression…

  1. Mechanics are simple. Mine your way through caverns and identify the ores you need to collect for the mission.

  2. Shoot absolutely anything that moves other than the two mechanical aides you have. You get a little floating helper that has a floodlight and some basic machineguns. It’s good for monitoring around you and alerting you to things that are around that you might not notice. The other is the mule, which is like one of those dogs from Boston Dynamics. You call it and it comes over and you deposit your mined goods into it as you can only carry so much on your person.

  3. Gribblies, gribblies everywhere! Get a swarm and you have a target rich environment.

  4. One you have reached the mission objectives, you call in a dropship which picks up the mule, with or without you. You have to run back to get on board to make the evac.

  5. The engine runs nice and smooth, but I did have the machine completely lock up on me in the 2nd mission and had to do a full reset. With all settings cranked up, I was getting about 75 FPS.

  6. In 21:9, it looks a little squished, but then again, I am a dwarf. There wasn’t any distortion in the graphics, it just seemed like things were squished. Might appear different on other aspect ratios, but I doubt it.

So far, it’s pretty funky, but I can certainly see it being rather awesome in proper 4-player co-op missions.


yup, I did the tutorial mission… looks very good and with some people could be seriously fun :slight_smile:

still need to pick my class,

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Just got it and played through the tutorial and then the first mission solo. Going too slow trying to mine everything, it slung three waves at me (I ran out of ammo on wave 1) and then I stumbled on some brood thing that I killed and got revenge smashed by every bug in the place and failed the mission.

Good fun, it’ll be interesting to see how they scale the difficulty with more players.

Kate and I have it so we’re up for games!


in a public game (my first) getting abuse from this kid from the north east. so i asked him if he was a mackem, and he took off on what he’d do to the other guy if he said he was…


After a quick Google search, that now makes a bit more sense to me :smiley:

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evidently he’s not a mackem, and the idea someone might be was quite offensive to him, so he’s alright? but his language got pretty offensive so i hopped out after the mission, which we failed.

Well, to resurrect this a bit, it’s had it’s proper 1.0 launch 5 days ago and a host of updates.

Anyone up for trying it out again some time soon?

They’ve released a roadmap for updates as well;


I have it but haven’t put much time into it at all since early in its early release

ohhhh yes please, id love to play this!! hit me up big boy

Looks fun. Might have to wait until it comes to xbox PC game pass.