Diablo II Resurrected

Supposed to be quite good:

Anyone else thinking of biting?


This is on my buy list as soon as it released and reviews are out. After the debacle with the Warcraft 3 remake I’m cautious. It looks fantastic though and very close to the original. A lot of the steps they took seem like they go in the right direction compared to W3, so I’m slightly optimistic. The back and forth via a button between the old school lok and its ne 3D glory is really neat, as well as its supposed to FEEL like D2, which is very tricky to pull off.

Diablo is my most beloved series. I played D2 LoD for over 8 years (small breaks), had every characters cleared Hell mode and a couple of them completely geared out with best-in-slot. Diablo 3 RoS has over 1900h dumped into it up to now. My favourite characters in D2LoD were:

  • Werewolf Druid
  • Trap Assasin
  • Frost Orb Sorc
  • Amazon

I tried to get back into D2 LoD around 3 months ago but the MP is fucked without Battlenet support. The impact of the community in this game was extremely underrated. We played this thing on Lans offline, at University during lunch break, or just over the internet. D1 started me on learning and improving my english skills. It is pretty much the reason I’m here today.

BTW. I didnt buy W3 remake, I just followed that clusterfuck develop last year.

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I’m also a bit hesitant because of the Warcraft 3 mess, but I really could do with some updated Diablo 2, I really didn’t enjoy Diablo 3 mostly because I was expecting it to just be more of the same following D2.

I never dug as far in to Diablo 2 as you though!

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I played a bit hardcore league too, I think my Frost Orb sorc got the furthest as she was fairly tanky thanks to frost armor combined with the cold penetration skills that reduced enemies cold resistances. I was kinda plagued with lag deaths a lot back then so I gave up :joy:

I think IF this works out it could be a really cool game for a few Ziipsters to play. Its one of those easy to pick up but hard to master games.

You can easily level a character but it really shines when gearing and making your build work after clearing Hell difficulty and then going for the Ubers. LoD made a massive impact on how this works with the synergy system (for example low level skills give bonus to higher level skills) and added the rune system on top. They were a bit OP though, runes were the standard currency at the end and incredible valueable.

You have to love spreadsheets though if you you wanna min max. You can of course not give a shit and clear the game without but I always found that kinda fun. Nothing really like it than comparing multiple weapons in an Excel file for weapons speed :rofl: . I remember going through different variants of my build with my Fireclaw Werewolf until getting 4 Shael Runes after months of farming :blush: trying to hit the next attackspeed cap.

Because of the 60fps cap they round the values, so there are different speed caps, for melee and casting too.

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Zorn playing Diablo:

Me playing Diablo: “NEW SWORD COOL!”

I think that might be the main reason I was put off Diablo 3, it felt like it was built more towards the min/max style of play than casual ‘derping through dungeons’ play, at least to me.

Edit: Which isn’t a complaint. I can see games that allow people who enjoy min/maxing and diving that deeply, at least good ones, are hard to come by!


D2 LoD you can easily beat the whole game, up to Hell difficulty, with a bit of derping minor planning.

D3 is often seen as the most casual game actually. The most optimal gear options are quite obvious for certain playstyles but it was too focused on power based on items. D2 main difference was that even without gear you are still very powerful if you made halfway reasonable choices.

Only fighting the Uber versions of the bosses required a clearer plan OR if you wanna farm efficiently. One popular thing to farm was Baal, Act 5 main boss. The difference was quite apparent, optimised built killed him in under 30s whereas your average joe needed a couple of minutes.

It really depends on what you like. If you don’t want the best-in-slot items than you dont need to farm stuff efficiently hence no need to spent hours planning.

Path of Exile takes this a bit to the extreme. That game is fun to play but the build options make my head spin too much :rofl: . So many different combinations of gear, passives and skill combos it is totally nuts. A bit too grindy too…

BTW. it turns out one can sign up for the technical alpha .

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I would be all over this. Loved LoD. Didn’t really get too much into the Horadric Cube thingy, but would welcome a new shiney version of the game to get back into and maybe push it further.

I do agree that D3 dumbed it all down.

As long as there is the cow level, I am in!

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I think the main reason I felt the game was aimed at min/maxers was because of the what they did with the classes and the way that weapons worked.

I was really unhappy to find that the weapons seemed to have gone from actual weapons to just modifiers for the 1-5 ability slots. I mistakenly though it was a way to streamline things more towards min/maxing.

Finding myself really looking forward to this, though I am not looking forward to retrieving my BattleNet account.

What’s min/maxing?

What Zorn describes above, trying to make sure you have the maximum value across certain stats for weapons/armour/trinkets/abilities etc and really digging deep down to get the absolute most out of your chosen character/build.

When you need a spreadsheet to delve in to stats and to try to uncover the ‘hidden’ aspects of builds my mind turns to mush.

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Looking fairly good to be honest.



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