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WT4 Control Point Blueprint drop

All the Dakka, LMG tips


When you reach WT4, the Control Points have red lines emanating from them. If you “do” the things attached to those points, then the Control Points “response level” goes up. When you reach response level 3, then there is a chance (maybe a definite, can’t remember (@Zorndar)) that you’ll get a blueprint drop.

It’s tricky solo as the NPCs are either purple or gold, but do-able.

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When levelling up, watch the levels of your electronics and titanium (IIRC can "store max 250 of each) as you’ll need these to transfer talents on calibration bench, but also to upgrade crafting bench to the appropriate gear score level as you progress through the WTs.

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If you’re running an LMG, make use of anything that either replenishes your ammo or hastens your reload times. You’re doing less damage per round than most other weapons, but the sheer volume of fire you can spit out more than makes up for it.

Accuracy is not as important as Stability with an LMG. Stability will allow you to keep your cursor on target after it settles in (~10-15 rounds) and then you can just unload on whatever sorry bastard is in front of you.

There is a gear set that enhances LMG damage, Drone damage and Skill Cooldown (in that order) called “Petrov Defence”. They rarely have any slots on them, but they will boost your damage output nicely.

Since you’re going to be spending 4-5 seconds on a reload, using Flame Turrets or Drones will be a massive boost to you. Setting down an FT will either lock down a flank, or make your enemies stationary while they panic in the flames, meaning you’ll do a whole lot of pain to them.

The flying drone with the MG is really useful for picking off stragglers or targets that are far away and difficult to hit with the LMG by yourself.

As a secondary, I would recommend either a really hard hitting shotgun to deal with anything that gets too close, or a rapid-reload SMG like a Vecktor.


Following on from a couple of YouTubers that I follow from Div1, there has been stats etc done for ALL weapons, but no mods cos the mods are so extensive.
The best 2 LMGs are M60 (by a fair way) and M249B. The next closest isn’t really worth having, essentially.

Talents recommended are Breadbasket, Close and Personal (SMG / shotgun best), killer, perpetuation and strained. Strained being “the best”.

For kit talents - beserker, hard hitting,critical calculation (may not be calculation, but summat else with cal), precise, clutch, patience, preservation and most recommended is safeguard.

I also try to spec damage to elites as much as possible, along with crit chance, crit damage, weapon damage (both as weapon class, eg LMG, or general (as this also transfers to static wpns)), armour / health replen, armour damage, extra armour. Maybe health damage.

Also, learn the differences between stacked talents / skills and multiplicative. The above talents are mostly multiplicative.

EDIT:- if anyone wants a list of the “best” in class wpns, shout up. :smiley:

EDIT:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70bfJZntnXI

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The Division 2 tip #4598: Don’t stand in front of @Leepants unless you want him to touch your bum.


Specialisation Points

One option to help each other to get through the WT grind from 1 to 4 is to have a WT4 geared buddy help you. He gets all the specialisation points for each mission, and you get the gear dropping for him. As the scaling isn’t perfect and he has far more health and more importantly armor, the strongholds will be a walk in the park! As the gear scales he will always get the maximum gear score for the current world tier and in turn you get geared pretty much instantly. This will make the grind much more enjoyable.

Another option, where you won’t need a 2nd leveled character, but still a buddy to help you is doing Lvl3 Control points. You not only get lots of xp , gear and specilisation points but also those juicy blueprints. Bounties are another way, you get 3 specilisation points each time. If you run out of intel just do more lvl 3 control points. Be careful though, the Bounty bosses are no pushovers, they hit like a truck! So just cycle between these two and you will get some good gear, variety, blueprints and specialisation points while still playing the game as intended.

For the fastest version you need a buddy too. One of you needs a 2nd character, level it right until you get to WT1 and stay there.

  • Open an invaded missions
  • invite your buddy
  • leave the game, let him invite you back on your main character
  • finish the mission
  • enjoy unlimited specialisation points!

There is 7min video explaining this too somewhere, already linked in the main thread, but its really not rocket science. This method is faster then anything else but only worth it if you really wanna max out those specialisation points in the shortest time possible.

Specialisations - what is each about
I tried all of them so far and got a good idea. here is the TLDR:

Demolitionist - awesome easy to use grenade launcher, shines in solo play, lots of good SMG builds right now, versatile

Sharpshooter - very good at taking out single targets, very good weapon buffs, like reload speed, stability and so on, lackluster build options, bit restricted for solo play

Survivalist - wonderful crowed control grenade (fire greande), lackluster signature weapon, awesome talents for healing/support

The Demolitionist is very much about his grenade launcher. Not only can you get its damage up directly but also the explosion damage perk scales it. Great against groups or enemies in cover! If you got it right it might even oneshot armored, named, yellow enemies! The SMG damage buff is great, the passive talents are very nice and the fire resistance increase by 20% is very good in higher tiers. The ammo refill perk is great, there is an entire SMG build used with it, will be nerfed though with the update tomorrow. I think the demolitionist is so good right now as its so versatile!

The Sharpshooter is basically a massive upgrade to your sniper rifle and rifle. Better damage, handling AND reload speed. Beside that it has some decent passive buffs but its really all about your weapons, either your normal weapons or the 50cal signature weapon. The latter is bugged right now as I thought, they wanna change the stability and aim time with the upcoming patch! Right now this is my go to for group play. The range based passive damage buff for your group is nice but there are not too many useful talents right now. The demolotionist is much better for that. Still, you can be a massive help by taking out crucial targets.

The survivalist has probably the best synergy right now. You get signature ammo back from status affected enemies (crowed controlled) and you get a fire grenade which is absolutely lovely, especially with the 150% range amor talent. The weapon damage buff for AR and shotguns is ok. The rest of the perks is quite nice for, well keeping you alive. The crossbow is mostly useful for getting enemies out of cover and out of the signature weapons the weakest. Up to now I think the survivalist shines as support character, his ability to constantly ccing the enemy and keep everyone alive. He is indispensable for surviving higher WT, or just use a bloody flamethrower for everything :smile:.

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Skcollob - Tip #1.

You fuckers shouldn’t be so pretty then… :stuck_out_tongue:



Bounties unlock specialisation points as well as specific loot so worth doing!"


I mention that in my post :stuck_out_tongue: . It has everything in it you need to know about specialisations. Almost.

I know I write essays, but they have purpose…

There are some secret mods hidden in the world connected to questlines. THis guide is fairly handy to find a very powerful crit chance mod for SMGs. Pretty potent, the video is fairly short and to the point and shows the location.


In case you guys missed this, got mine already, ready for the next parts :smiley:

So either today or never?

No, the bosses cycle it seems, you just have to wait longer!

We’re still in WT1, so we’re a long way from being able to hit Tidal Basin and even further away from being able to do anything about this.


So after testing several different possible fixes to the bugged mask issue, we’ve found a fix with the help of the wonderful @Hammy. If the Hunter spawns for some reason fuck up for you, you can attempt them again by joining on another player who has not yet attempted the hunter.

This is very important since the triggers for the Hunters appear to save to profiles/save files of all players present when they’re triggered.

WARNING: There are many bugs surrounding the hunters which can, temporarily at least, bug the Hunter spawns. You may want to wait until they are confirmed patched and working.

Hunter Masks Guide Part 1: Cross, Diamond, Phantom and Death


If you don’t, you may find the remaining living Hunters will not spawn again thanks to a bug.

This is apparently one of the more challenging Hunter missions because you have to fight all four at the same time. For this reason the following is recommended:

  • Be at World Tier 1
  • Have a Gear Score over 250
  • Have the Demolition specialisation unlocked with at least one point in the ‘Explosive Ordnance’ damage buff, if not also in the ‘Signature Weapon Damage’ buff as well
  • Be in a group of three to four

Other recommended but not essentials are:

  • Disrupt resistance
  • Armour and Health regen/healing
  • Gun Turrets and/or drones (Flame turret will also work, especially with burn damage buffs)
  • Hive skill with armour healing

So who are the hunters and what do their masks look like?

image image image image
Left to right: Death, Diamond, Cross and Phantom

“Is that it? They look rubbish apart from Cross’s…”

Well, no actually. Killing all four also bags you one of the 8 Ivory Keys!

So how do you do it?
Once you’ve met the above requirements, its time to start. Firstly, it needs to be night time (10pm onwards - to check in-game time press ESC, hold F to go in to camera mode and the time is displayed on the right hand side. It works in roughly 3 real seconds to one in-game minute). You’ll then need to get to ‘Garden Ice Rink’ in East Mall:


I recommend you fast travel to the Sinkhole Control Point located just south of this area:


You know you are in the right place when you find the melted ice rink and the Christmas tree:

Once there, you are looking for the small cafe at the top of the steps that lead down to the ice rink. Inside, behind the counter under the green coffee machine is a small lever:

Note: You cannot press this during the day.

When pressed, immediately head down the steps to the ice rink and run around the Christmas tree in the middle clockwise a few times. This will trigger all four hunters to spawn.

Then launch every explosive you have and hit them with your hardest hitting automatic weapon with the largest magazine.

A few things to note:

  • They have jamming abilities
  • Cross can turn invisible for short periods, during which he will relocate and then immediately attack you from a flank or better position
  • If you die, you can respawn and keep coming back for another go until day break
  • If the whole team dies and needs to respawn, leaving the hunters on their own, the hunters will wander off and begin fighting enemies in the local area. They can wander quite far. If they do, just listen out for distorted sound effects, daunting music or gunfire and follow it. If you don’t find them before day break they will despawn and may not respawn.
  • If the whole team dies and needs to respawn, leaving the hunters on their own, and you do not get back to them before day break they will despawn and may not respawn.
  • If they despawn you must wait 24 hours before attempting it again (Real world time).

Let me know if that is helpful or if I can make any changes to make it any more clear and I’ll do what I can for the next part.


Hunter Masks Guide Part 2: Midas and Revenant

This mission spawns two hunters so I’d say go with the same requirements as in part 1.

So who are the hunters and what do their masks look like?

image image

Left to right: Revenant, Midas

“Is that it?”

Nope, another Ivory Key!

So how do you do it?

  • Meet the above requirements
  • It must be night time
  • You must first have completed the Potomac Relief Camp Mission

The last one is key, otherwise they will not spawn.

You need to get to the swimming pool at this location:

The front entrance is on the westerly side by the water and looks like this:

Climb the fence to find this pool:

Stand in the pool and use the ‘Jumping Jack’ emote. You should hear the normal distortion noise and they will spawn.

Kill dudes. Get masks. Find another Ivory key.

Note: Revenant can heal all armour and health in a few seconds flat when behind cover as one of his abilities. Midas can blind you and hits you with flurries of ninja stars.

Hunter Masks Guide Part 3: Ghoul

Just a single Hunter, still go with the normal requirements though.

So who are the hunters and what do their masks look like?


“Is that it?”

Nope, another Ivory Key!

So how do you do it?

  • Meet the above requirements
  • It must be night time

You need to go to the underground area in the western end of West Potomac Park here:

Go inside and look around until you find an area that looks like a safe house with an echo and a laptop that has this map above it (minus the switched on light in the screenie):

Activate the laptop and the light will switch on as in the image above. If you look at the map and the screen on the laptop, a location is marked - this one:

When you get there, there will be a guard tower surrounded by large floodlights. There should be a single light bulb hanging down inside the tower which should be flashing flashing (the screenie shows the tower after we’d killed the guy so no light):

Now, at this point, we had an issue: There was no light.

We got the light to appear but we don’t know which one of these two things caused it so do both:

  • Shoot all other lights out (all floodlights and the two strip lights dangling on the floor in the small tents off to the side)
  • Climb in to the guard tower

We did both about the same time and the guy spawned and then promptly got blown to bits.

Side note: We circled back to this location shortly after accidentally and found another hunter on top who I lobbed two grenades at and Kate hit with her super rifle and we didn’t make a dent. We forgot about it until 5 minutes later when we ran in to the same guy at a different guard tower just to the north-east, where we promptly unloaded on him again - and again to no avail.

We think he’s one of the Hunters you trigger from around the Washington Monument who needs to be one-shotted. We’re going to go back and have another pop at him both with the super sniper rifles to see if we can do him in and then find out which mask we get. Updates to follow!

EDIT: Part 1 has been updated to reflect what we have discovered regarding bugs in the Hunter spawns.

EDIT 2: Part 1 has been further updated with a fix for the bugged Hunter spawn issue which I’ve also quoted below:


So after testing several different possible fixes to the bugged mask issue, we’ve found a fix with the help of the wonderful Hammy. If the Hunter spawns for some reason fuck up for you, you can attempt them again by joining on another player who has not yet attempted the hunter.
This is very important since the triggers for the Hunters appear to save to profiles/save files of all players present when they’re triggered.

Just the final four keys/masks/hunters to do now but that is going to take some research since two of them are very hard to trigger and the guides for the other two do not appear to work or have changed in the game since the instructions were first published. Masks wall so far:

Exotic Weapon Guides

I’ve also started to read up on the exotic weapons currently in the game and how you get them. They’re all grindy or a ballache with a few of them locked behind a preorder paywall for the forseeable according to a few articles I’ve read - though it is noted that they should later become available to rest of us.

These are the ones that are available:

  • Lullaby Shotgun - Preoder bonus
  • Ruthless AR - Preorder bonus
  • Chatterbox P90 - Guide
  • Liberty Deagle - Guide
  • Sweet Dreams Shotgun - Guide
  • Merciless AR - Guide
  • Pestilence LMG - Guide
  • Nemesis Sniper Rifle - Guide

Gear etc gubbins - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vTJEX5DerCvOj3a_m36TRy1gPBAUvrduOIdmXI9j1Y0MpQk1wIXaZ9KOcPa7HzXzp_N5qGmjDj6yEfL/pubhtml#

General Faction keys mapped out - seems there’s 35 available daily - https://imgur.com/a/66PtewO

Crafting - essentially, don’t bother unless you have JUST popped a new WT and need replace one or 2 bits of kit.

HUGE recommendation - BEFORE upgrading crafting bench, craft a LOAD of BLUE gear mods, especially wpn damage ones, as “generic” mods fit into any slot (AFAIK) and single talent mods tend to be far more useful and have bigger rolls. Blue are single, purple have 2, gold have 3. 3 tend to be hugely compromised, e.g. offensive mod may have wpn damage 1.5%, AR damage 1%, headshot damage 0.5%, whereas a blue mod can roll with 5% AR damage, 5% wpn, 5% headshot and can be stacked… :wink:

I think it’s Widdz (may be arrekz) on YouTube taht have recently put a vid on it…

As it came up in the main thread and it will possibly be burried otherwise

Calibration essential tips

Stat limits depend on the number of stats, so for example if you get 4 stat rolls, each of them has a far lower maximum limit than if it would have been only one. For example, the crit chance max roll on a holster is around 12% if its the only stat roll but decrease to around 4-5% if it has multiple stat rolls on it. So its typically better to have only one roll on certain items to get a big damage buff. Another one is the glove slot I believe as you can get up to 12% damage buff to one particular weapon type.

Perks are actually tiered, one is sort of offensive, one is handling the last utility or something (for weapons, similar for armor pieces). Doesn’t matter too much, the fact is that you can only exchange perks within the same tierlist. This prevents you from having multiple offensive perks on the same item which would possibly break the game balance! Some perks are also brand specific!