Division 2

ON the ubi soft app is chance to sign up for the beta for Division 2 :slight_smile:


Beat me to it!

RPS article link.

Ubisoft today revealed The Division 2, continuing their near-future post-apocalyptic online open-world shooter-RPG series. This time, players will be fighting for survival–and to establish order–in Washington DC. Unlike the first game’s snowy New York City, this seems quite a pleasant place, aside from the virus and all the gangs and factions murdering each other. Here, watch the first lump of gameplay footage in a demonstration vid from Ubi below. And yes, you bet your botty it includes ha-ha-hilarious scripted banter between players.


‘Gameplay walkthrough’:

The Division 2 is slated to launch on March 15th, 2019. You can sign up for beta testingon its site.

Ubisoft’s own E3 briefing is on Monday, so I’m sure we’ll see and hear more soon.

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand registered! :grin::sunglasses::heart_eyes:


I may have clicked on the thing to register for this.


Looks just like the first one im out

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I haven’t even watched the videos! :rofl: hopefully they have changed up some stuff in the new game.

Same! :joy::joy:

First one in a new setting that looks like New York but more open.

I’m not holding too much hope, but I’ll play the Beta if I can get in.

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8 player raids announced today at e3


Free DLC announced

There are a few folk on YouTube who are showing and commentating on a gameplay release. Looks ok, some different things, map and GUI are different and I seem to recall that one of the 3 player attributes (firepower, toughness, electronics) has been changed… GUI looks good, tbh, and also it seems taht weapon performances have been changed to reflect real world RoF.

Obvs, it’s not even Public Beta yet, so shit is likely to change…

Very interesting. For a community like ZiiP the lower number groups is a bit of a killer, it would be nice to play together with more of you at a time.

Does anyone know how/when we’ll be notified if we get in? Will it just appear when we log in to Uplay one day or do we need to look out for an email?

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Al, I got notified of Beta access to The Crew 2 by email :wink:

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Didn’t finish watching the gameplay video last night, but from the couple of minutes that I did watch, it looked promising.

Just signed up for the Beta now, so fingers crossed I get the chance to dabble beforehand.

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There’s probably some AMAZING bounty / gift that Beta testers will get. Probably a fekin patch… Great.

EDIT:- O and probably a bajillion ads before entering and after too “Buy our shizzle, fuxx0r!11!”

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Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 was announced by massive entertainment at E3 2018 but since the announcement, people seem to be confused and in anger due to the Division 2 being a sequel and not an expansion or DLC for the first game.

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Couple or articles:

You can solo run The Division 2 from start to finish

Original article link.

“You can play through the entire story campaign into endgame and [then the] endgame [content], alone… [But] you can also do the same content [in] two, three, or four player co-op. Or eight-player co-op, two full groups in the raid if you opt into the challenge that we’re adding. So it’s very important for us that you get to pick.”

The Division 2 adds raids and drops season passes

Original article link.

In general, combat environments seem more open – The Division was mostly narrow straight New York streets, but DC seems to offer a less constrained battleground, albeit still littered with cover, little of which seems destructible. It looks like more of The Division, all told, and as someone that’s planning on returning to finish up the original game sometime, that’s a welcome proposition.

Loot boxes and season passes have cast a long shadow over this year’s E3, and many major studios are trying to salve old wounds by declaring their games no longer require players pony up £30 on top of the box price. The Division 2 seems to count itself among them.

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Holy thread revival, Batman!

@Jester - any deals for pre-order? I’m toying with the Ulitmate Edition - just gotta dig and see if it’s skins that cost the extra - if so, i won’t be doing that. If it’s kit, i shall be ALL over it.



Not as yet @Leepants - but I shall keep my eyez open :slight_smile: