Far Cry 6

Anyone playing it?

I decided to plump for Ubisofts 12.99 all accessmajiggy thingy. So I could try this and not fork out 50quids pounds. I mean its pretty standard Far Cry gameplay but to that end has got real repetive real quick for me. I do feel invested in the story somehow though, so I do feel compelled to carry on and play it out. I guess Il have a month of that, maybe 2 till I cancel the Ubisoft accessmajiggy and feel I got some reasonable value from it.

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I got it free when i got my AMD CPU…not tried it yet tho

Got it free with CPU as well. Have been playing a good bit.

Might be up for some coop at sone point. Apparently sone spec ops type missions and rewards to earn.

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Haven’t played a far cry since 3/4 as it does get repetitive very quickly. The next one is meant to change styles and go more online what ever that may mean