Fighting games - a quick list

I just noticed a bunch of fighting games are on sale, pretty much all EVO has to offer, and as you might have noticed I’m passionate about them even as I personally don’t put a lot of time into them. I watch a shit ton of tornaments on the side though and dabbled in most of them a little. My most beloved are Street Fighter, Guilty Gear and Skullgirls.

So here are my quick impressions. You might wanna know that I dislike 3D fighters quite a bit, so Tekken and Soul Calibur aren’t my particular cup of tea. I include videos from a few online tornaments to give you an idea what the gameplay is like. The steam sale is lasting until Sunday!

Street Fighter 5 - the base game is 8€ however I recommend the “Street Fighter V: Champion Edition + Season 5 Premium Pass Bundle” for 42€.
The champion edition includes all the previous characters plus you get the final season with this too. The arcade edition with its changes are included too Especially the season 4 and 5 characters are absolutely fantastic and really break with some of the original gameplay and let you do some crazy stuff. That is beside them being some of the more iconic characters or fan favourites from other franchises. For example I adore Lucia which was added in season 4 and next week Oro and Akira are dropping and I can’t wait.

Since the vanilla release SF5 got pretty much reworked, more content and variety added. Its well worth the money, even the higher “SFV: Ch.Ed. + Season 5 Premium Pass Bundle”. The gameplay is very grounded with lots of footsie play, mid sized combos and mostly more tactical. With the newer characters it becomes slightly more dynamic and faster pased. The netcode is in theorey “Rollback Netcode”, the best type for Fighters, unfortunately its not well implemented.


Skullgirls 2nd Encore - I wrote a whole article over here of this gem of a fighting game. The base game is a no-brainer at 8€, the dlc (base +dlc 21€,) was mostly for fans to get more content, Annie is quite fun to play, and there are more characters to come (Umbrella just got announced). Its a small team so the DLC is quite spread out over almost 3 years (last one releses next year). Quick sum-up: fast pased game with fantastic eye for detail, can be played at either 3v3 or mixtures (1v3, 2v3, …). The UI is well thought out and lets you quickly change characters and color pallet, combine that with a wacky character design and outstanding netcode (Rollback) and you have a hell of a winner.

FGC video
more laid back

Them’s Fightin’ Herds - I didn’t play this one, BUT imagine Skullgirls but with ponies. If you get around the initial shock of Ponies, it has all the hallmarks of a good fighting game with excellent netcode too, 14€ isnt too bad either if you like Ponies :rofl:


DB Fighterz : this one is an easy sale. Do you like Dragonball ? Did you evver wanna play the characters ? This game is the closest you will ever get to the movies or TV series with entire scenes being almost 1:1 rebuild in this. Outstanding job by Arc Systems Works with the graphics of this game. It is a 3 vs 3 team fighter , with tag mechanics, which gives you quite a lot of options. At only 20 Euro for the entire roster ( !!! 43 !!! ) it is a must have for any DB fan evenr emotely interested in fighting games. For only 9€ its not too expensive to get an idea either.


Mortal Kombat 11 - got its reputation over its outstanding story mode and is propperly most known for its absolutely brutal gameplay. Each character has more variants which you can unlock in some of the other gamemodes, which makes the game quite grindy. I played around 50h of this and still miss a bunch of stuff. Its a bit rough, especially for new players as you simply miss some of the tools older players have. This said, for around 15€ base game, Ultimate for 24€ (more story and chracters) and Ultimate + Legendary for 35€ it has pretty good value if you don’t mind the grind.


Tekken 7 : its very beloved by its community for its weighty gameplay and very nuanced chracters. One downside to this is that knowledge is king and you will get boddied hard by experienced players. Its sort of in the middle between SF and Mortal Kombat. Hyper realistic characters but more similar to SF when it comes to gameplay. That aside it is a 3D fighter with side stepping, less flashy than other games for sure. If you like more of a realistic fighting style, maybe MMA or UFC I would recommend this over all the other games. 10€ base, 23€ for Ultimate (Season pass 1+2).

EVO 2020

Guilty Gear Strive - best current netcode, outstanding character design and slightly more beginner friendly. If you don’t mind wacky characters, but slightly more rooted and realistic than in earlier games of the franchise, this is a stunning game. Very flashy gameplay that will tell you quite obviously when you got a counter, fantastic in depth, sometimes on chracter basis, tutorial. However, the lobby system is still full of bugs and breaks alot and the story mode is literally a built in anime (no interaction at all). Currently at 48€ for the base or 68€ if you want the first season pass too. I highly recommend it, once you get going its a blast to play. Me & friend have some issues with the lobbies and netcode though and we don’t know why. Other people play from the US to japan and have a stunning connection, but we got big issues with it. Skullgirls, SF5 or event he older GG Xrd Rev2 for example SEEM to wok a bit better at their best. I assume its my conenction, still really weird.


Soulcalibur 6 - what happens if you mix a 3D fighter with actually weapons? I played a bit fo this but it just didn’t click. The customisation options are absolutely insane as you can build completely random characters. Choose a base character, alter the body, add “stuff” slap on a base weapon fighting style and lets go. Quite the variety of different characters and weapon styles, everything from oversized anime swords, realistic 1h rapiers, chinese staffs, giant hoola hoops with baldes on it or simple daggers. Sort of Tekken with weapons? 9€ base, 14€ base + season 1


Granblue Fantasy: Versus - mixed bag. I realy wanted to buy this gamewhen it came out for PC but the giant price tag annoyed me. Even now, with the discount to 36€, or with all characters for 40€ I’m still not sure. This game has a very unique style a slightly more newbie friendly combat system. The design can maybe be described as realistic animestyle?


Killer Instinct - one of the OGs of fighting games. The game itself might seem simple at first glance but it can be absolutely brutal and punishing. The combo breaker mechanics, ultra combos and or counter breaker make for insane action. It has rollback netcode, probably one of the weirdest spread for characters but similar to Tekken, because the game barely changed over time, old players have a massive advantage over new people.

Killer Instinct Twitch Rivals - MaximilianDood

or combo breaker 2020

Last are “BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE Basic Edition” and “UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late[cl-r]” . Best description I could give, both of these are anime fighters on steroids. Blazblue is a 2v2 but UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH is a 1v1. Both are made by Arc System Works. I played neither, but the latter will get a Rollback NEtcode upgrade!

videos: BlazBlue and UnderNight


Even as the response to this thread could be described as lacking I thought I keep it going for the minority of people who might need a quick introduction to the various fighting games out there.

Samurai Shodown - I was so ecstatic for this game when it was first announced just to have my hopes and dreams crushed over and over again. A 2D fighting game with armed combat and mostly focused around footsies, spotting weakpoints and punishing them with very high damage? Mix that with very good visual design and a fairly diverse cast, what not to love. Well, SNK’s behavior or how this game got released.

First of all we had a PS4 exclusive period, with a promised PC release a year later. Rumors of a exclusivity deal with EPIC were denied throughout, just to become reality a year later. Another one year of exclusivity and NOW finally, 2 years after its initial console release SNK finally blessed us with a Steam version. I completely missed it as it was overlapping with Guilty Gear and there was barely any advertisement for it.

I only noticed it because they added Baiken from GG, which I’m a HUGE fan of, and I was really close to buying the game; little did I know the Steam release is a bad joke. Not only is the player base split between 3 platforms now, for what is already an extremely niche fighter, but it has no crossplay OR anything close to a properly working netcode.

This beside, the Steam “offer” is the greediest release of a formerly exclusive I saw to date. The BASE game is full price, PLUS you pay extra for the DLC. All DLC characters are available for individual purchase, but they are 6 Euro EACH. It surely is one of the prettiest games out there with a very distinct fighting style, but under no circumstance do I pay this much for it. Btw. the servers are basically empty too, and because the netcode was already outdated 2 years ago, good luck getting anything working with the tiny player base it has right now.

I would maybe buy it if it ever goes on sale. It really is a shame, never did dead on arrival been more true.

Baiken was made it for this game | EVO 2020


Cheers Zorndar - I must confess my fighting game experience is limited to SF and Mortal Kombat back on early PC and games like Soul Calibur on XB360. Trouble is: I’m just not very good at them! :smiley:

Just watched the video for Soul Calibur 6 - and that looks like a lot of fun. It’s currently £9 via CDkeys on Steam - could be up for some of that if folk are interested.

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Me neither, I’m passionate about them, have a vast knowledge and basicaly consume a stupid amount of videos from tournaments and guides, but honestly I’m only slightly above average in the ones I like. I think a little ZiiP tournament in one of them could be a banger, mostly just for fun and having a laugh. I played mostly SF but currently picked up a lot of “anime fighters”. Especially GG, KoF and Skullgirls are fantastic games and often overlooked in the western market.

CDKey has a sale on most of the Fighters btw., the SF Champion ED for only 16€ is a steal and GG Strive for below 30€ is really good too! A few of them are also still on sale on Steam, Skullgirls for example.

yeah, saw that CDKeys had a full blown sale. Pretty cool

Do any of the game have a built in online tournament structure - So we could just enter and the game does all the matchmaking?

I know for a fact that Dragonball has as I used it locally, and Skullgirls if I remember correctly too. I’ll get back to you on that and check over the next days. I own almost all of them, just need to reinstall a few like Tekken and SC6.

I know I have SC6 and I have a couple of controllers I could use, including the Steam Controller.
Might have to make sure it’s installed and up to date…

I’m up for a tourney am crap at fighting games though :grin:


I did some investigation and here is the list I came up with so far.

Soul Calibur 6 - no tournament mode BUT you can create rooms, the UI is a bit unwieldy, bad netcode, cheap

Tekken 7 - tournament mode, varying netcode between bad and average, cheap on CDK

Dragon Ball Fighterz - full custom tournament mode it seems, bad to average netcode, very cheap base game on CDK

Street Fighter 5 - no tournament mode but good lobby system/ private rooms, average to good netcode, very cheap base game on CDK

Skullgirls 2nd Encore - only local tournament mode but good lobby system / private rooms, excellent netcode, very cheap (until 7th September)

Killer Instinct - good lobby system, excellent netcode, average price (37€)

Guilty Gear Strive - average to good lobby system (depends on how the stars align), excellent netcode, good price on CDK (it is brand new, 30€)

KoF 13 - bit older UI but not too bad, bad to average netcode, kinda expensive for its age (20€)

MK11 - I didnt re-install this because its like 110GB :rofl: , decent lobby system, average to good netcode, cheap-ish on CDK (12€)

I would recommend maybe a tournament in either of these games, Tekken 7, SF5 (or SF4 Ultra), Skullgirls and Guilty Gear Strive.

The first 3 are rather cheap, all below 10€ for the base game, GG Strive is brand new and for 30€ it is an awesome deal. We could see what game is the most widespread between people interested in a tournament, or what game people are most excited about.

If people have to buy a game I would recommend Skullgirls. It is cheap, has excellent netcode and a lot of charm, I don’t think anyone would regret that decission. Unlike Tekken 7 with its questionable netcode and horrent ranked online play, plagued with cheaters, rage quitters and to some degree hackers.

My 2nd choice would either be Street Fighter 5 (or maybe Ultra SF 4 if its more widespread ?) or Guilty Gear Strive. With GG-Strive you get at least a complete anime build in (it is 4h long :joy:). Value wise SF5 Champion edition is hard to beat (for 16€ on CDK), you get a fairly large roster with a lot of different play modes. Last option would be DB Fighterz for the nostalgia factor :slight_smile:

I would play SC6 if forced but I kinda hate that game :frowning: , not sure how the netcode is but last time I played it was really bad.

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I’m happy for any just let me know when an what

Tekken 7 Ultimate is up on Humble Bundle for €19.

Well fuck!
Humble Bundle has Soul Calibur, Killer Instinct, Injustice 2, Mortal Kombat XL, more!!!

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I bought the Humble Bundle mainly to get KI cheap for a friend (highly recommend btw.). That means I have a few games left over:

One Finger Death Punch 2
Slap City
Soul Calibur 6

If no one wants it I might use these two for myself:

Injustice 2
Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

but I rather gift them to someone enjoying the franchise. High chance they would just rot in my Steam library. They are both exceptionally good fighting games if you like the “theme”. Especially PR is a bit nuts :smiley:

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Well fuck me, I can’t believe I missed the bundle!

@Zorndar Any chance I could nab SC6 and ML XL?

check your messages.

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And the list continues:

Dead or Alive 6 - I kinda forgot about this “gem”. The game devs tried to break the cycle and get DoA taken more serious with this iteration and push the competetive side of it. The reason is kinda obvious, the roster consists mainly of woman (20 vs. 10), of varying ages ranges which in itself isn’t really the issue. Take Skullgirls for example, as the name implies the roster is mainly woman BUT contrary to DoA they are not all sexualised to this extreme. Skimpy outfits, jiggle physics and outrages monetisation are the corner stones of the DoA franchise.

Cue EVO 2019 in Japan, the point of time where it was supposed to all change and push DoA out of its shadow. One of the most glorious moments of current FTC history, at least for me, as I saw it live. Everyone was kinda excited, the release was only a month earlier and it got a big spotlight seat right next to Mortal Kombat 11, which was going to get released in April, 2 months later. Player feedback was farily good so far, solid game mechanics as always and slightly improved “clothing”. However, live on stream, two japanese girls demonstrated the Jiggle physics a little too realisticly it seems and the whole stream was shut down within minutes. Official reason was of course that they didn’t comply with the EVO rules (no sexual or violent content). This was after they also slowed down certain scenes from the tournament taking place earlier the evening.

I still find it hilarious as this showcases the dumb discrepancy and hypocracy of EVO. Mortal Kombat apparently didn’t violate the rules of extreme violence, when showing spines being ripped out, faces melted and bodies burned to ash but two girls showcasing “physics” was too much for the western market :joy: .

This funny anecdote aside, DoA 6 has all the other hallmarks of KEI TECMO. One of the many other complaints was the monetisation. DoA 5 has probably a record, as all of its DLCs combined are well over 1000$, and DoA 6 followed in its footsteps. Two fan favourite characters were exclusively, at the start, ONLY available in a 99 Euro deluxe bundle making them stupidly overpriced. The padding was mainly costumes of questionable design at best, and a shit ton of it too. Currently there are over 460 DLCs for this game. After all of this the game quickly lost its followers except fans of the franchise.

I stopped playing mainly caused by the stupid business practice, which really soured the game for me. Further, the MP was basically dead as there were very few people playing and the netcode wasn’t particulary good. The situation is a little different now though, as the game containing the core fighters is free. So you can just download it and have a go. If you want the full game, it feels like every drop of money is getting squeezed out of you.

TLDR: Fighting game which oozes 14 year old wet dreams and if you look long enough, it is a very competent 3D fighter. Best comment I ever read: “Tekken with Boobs”.

EVO 2019


BlazBlue Centralfiction - first impressions are very positive about this one. Beside being the most “anime” fighting game so far it plays fantastic. The newly implemented rollback netcode makes this a blast to play even over long distance (Korea - Italy). Most of the characters have a very personalised kit and it has an incredible diverse cast. On first sight it has a little “choose your waifu vibe” going, which is probably intended giving its primary market is Japan/Asia BUT because the cast is so diverse you will defintely find something fitting your playstyle. From an old buttler transforming into a werewolf, a weird demon cat-girl flipping and dipping all over the place, a Goth Lolita playing the trap game to perfection, or a scientist a little obsessed with different gadgets and deleting your healtrh bar in an instant with some crazy combos, all the way to Mecha Girl rushing your ass down or keeping you at mid long range, there is a lot to love. All the characters not only play very different but are very versatile too. For example one character has a staff that can either be used to fight mid range, OR you throw it around like a boomerang, spike it into the ground to use it to catapult yourself across the map. We had some issues with the insane corner pressure or a few characters high damage combos but that is expected as we didn’t fully crasp the shielding/blocking mechanism yet. The recovery systems wasn’t quite clear yet either. However, I can highly recommend this one, especially if its on sale! We didn’t have that much fun in a while.


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This style of fighting game never appealed to me. All the mad effects around each move just make it an eye-sore to me. I know I’m in the minority though. I was always more of a fan of tekken, Dead or Alive, Primal Rage, Soul Calibur. Plenty of effects there too, just not too much :smiley:


I’m with you. Too much going on, I could actually tell who was doing what at some points.