General Space Stuff (Space-X and all that jazz)

Despite his inability to speak cleanly in public, this makes for interesting viewing.

Cargo from BFR to land on Mars in 2022, Humans expected in 2024!


Was he the guy that also said he could fly passengers from London to new York in half hour?

That’s at the end of the presentation :slight_smile:

Yeah, thoughts being that the BFR design can be implemented into earth-based transports as well. New York to Shanghai in 36 minutes…

Ambitious as fuck, but fuck it, at least someone is trying!

Lol…didn’t watch the vid you posted :slight_smile: but saw it on the news this morning

See billionaires? This is how to rich. You do amazing stupid stuff that pushes the boundaries, not gold plate a Ferrari for your retarded trust fund son to crash.


Considering he floating the last of his money (that was allocated for the project) on the 4th test flight of the Falcon 1 rocket, he certainly took a chance… but it has paid off big time.

Whatever people say about Mr. Musk, I have fucking huge respect for the guy. I admire what he’s achieved and what he’s planning on doing.

Even if the human side of things falls flat… if they manage to land a cargo transport up there, that is a massive Fuck You to all the deniers and haters.


Also a fuck yeah humanity moment :smile:


Just watched his talk on youtube about launching the BFR in 2022 - The use of it for aero space travel is pretty clever too - anywhere on the planet in less than 60ish mins is something else

Heavy Rocket is coming along nicely! :smiley:


I seriously hope Musk can pull all this off. In know he can’t split too much funding over too many projects but I’m a little disappointed hey isn’t chasing asteroid mining yet… once we can collect the stuff in space we can refine it and produce stuffs. Next stop - 3D printed habitats and ships! Then we just need to find out how to control the force…


He’s sending his Roadster into space!

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The Falcon Heavy launch is in January!

I also just bought one of the ‘limited edition’ Boring Company hats :smiley:

Why? Because why not! :slight_smile:


January 15th is the current proposed launch date for the Falcon Heavy!

Sweet baby jesus let that date stick!

The FH has been raised at the launch pad for a static firing of the engines (not been done yet) and then the full launch on Jan 15th (tentative). It’s been hampered by a string of delays as it was originally meant to be launched in 2017, so the date will more than likely slip.

In regards to the red roadster…

A Red Car for the Red Planet Test flights of new rockets usually contain mass simulators in the form of concrete or steel blocks. That seemed extremely boring. Of course, anything boring is terrible, especially companies, so we decided to send something unusual, something that made us feel. The payload will be an original Tesla Roadster, playing Space Oddity, on a billion year elliptic Mars orbit.

Here’s the FH at the launch pad. 27 Merlin engines, with 5 Million pounds of thrust (hurhur), equivalent to 18 747 aircraft.


Also, there is another launch this Friday of another Falcon 9 :slight_smile:


Thanks for this - the launch is now in my calendar to watch if I can…would love to see us leaping about on Mars before I die :slight_smile:


You and I both. It’s the one thing I want to see happen before I shuffle off this mortal coil: Humans on Mars, and not just a passing visit.


Falcon 9 launch today is at 01:00 tonight.

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Not quite Musky Mars, but in the ball park;

In the words of Blackadder - “Don’t wait up…”