Haven't done one of these in ages

Is anyone looking forward to BF6?

Details are still sketchy but I thought I would ask.

  • Yes
  • No

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I’m looking forward to finding out more about it that’s for sure.

I said yes, but more about it sure. Whether it will draw me in again needs to be determined.

im very out of FPS loop, so probably not.

Nope, haven’t played an fps in so long

We missed your Poll’s Mike :wink:
It would have to be something ‘different’ tbh


Unless it comes with a electronic fleshlight that sucked you off when you get shot I’ll probably continue giving it a mess :man_shrugging:

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Why are we not funding this!?!?

Fantastic Freudian slip.

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It just better bloody be BF2143


Sadly, it seems to be pretty much confirmed that it’s another modern day shooter.

Yeah I heard that. Based on BF3 possibly? Which to be fair would be good. I enjoyed BF3. Was that the one tat had the seine crossing map on it? Liled that.

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I’d happily just take a combined remaster of BF3 & BF4.

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Aye, that was BF3.

Give me BF3 netcode with BF4 features and I’d be a happy man.

Fuck this season stuff though, just do proper DLC packs if there’s that much content.

I want mah USAS Frag with 12x scope…for ummm…sniping :sweat_smile: