Hell Let Loose

I’ll put in a pledge on Friday when I get paid and back from Cork.

We can sort out the 5 other users once I have it sorted.


you can count me in as one of them this looks really promising

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My god the mud looks magnificent, jaw droppingly amazingly magnificent.
Have they released a minimum required specs for it?
Would love to get this but it won’t run on my laptop which is currently on life support

I’m with you Doc, the one thing I look for in a FPS is how good does the mud look? :wink:


New video from developers

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I’ll go in with you dude. Let me know how you want the monies and you decide how we work the exhange since it’s in AUD, you’re paying in EU and I’m in GBP I don’t want you to lose out because of exchange rates.

That video looks fucking beautiful.

I think what sums up the problems in the gaming world right now is the fact I look at that video and think to myself “I wonder how long it will be before we have a game where the character models actually move and break branches of undergrowth/bushes when they move through them…”

Whilst in the Activision development meetings, they are jizzing over themselves at the prospects of adding a new killstreak to COD WW2 - congratulating themselves on how players are going to love it.


i’ll also chip in on this if folks’re still doing that.

Put me down too, but i’m pretty broke until after your gathering.

Crap, I’m in too.
This is all your fault Mic!

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@NaloaC if any left I’ll chip in on the 6 pack :slight_smile:

Platoon Pledge secured :slight_smile:

That’s for;


The list is now full :slight_smile:


FB me or otherwise the details of payment dude.

I was thinking project reality was influencing this. Just read this after watching the vids.



Balls! I got the order wrong!

In that instance, I’ll get you one anyway :slight_smile:

Don’t be ridiculous! I’m still getting the buy-in :rofl:

Oops… you might be too late…

22 hours to go - backing as we speak…

Nothing spare to get this… will wait for the reviews but will ultimately get this as I hope this may be a game to bring us back together.

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