London flats?

One of my friends will start working in London soon (June), does any of you know a good way of finding an apartment there or maybe know of one? Her job will be around the King College, she is from Iran.

Her current plan was trying to find an Airbnb and start looking around locally.

not a clue mate unless she could become a mp then she could get two houses paid for :man_shrugging: might be easier for her to get a place out of town an travel into town?


Sorry dude. Wrong end of country for me.

@n0tch you down that direction?

Yep, but I have zero experience of renting.

Sounds like her idea is probably the best. Get there and get looking.

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Situation isn’t great… BBC report last week on how difficult it is to rent at the moment.

Rentals are shit in Waterford as well at the moment. There’s currently FIVE, yes 5, places listed publicly. 3 of those are in absolute shitholes looking for €1,200+ a month.


I saw an article recently about Cardiff. 2 guys paid 30% over the asking rent and up front. 15K. For 2 years rent.