Online Tournaments

Just looking for some advice, do any of you play online tournaments, if you do are they just friendlies arranged by you or your mates or do you pay to play on a server?

We were searching for something where you can pay to play and win actual prizes but what we found wasnt particularly good. So we started a company that hosts tournaments, we only went live a few weeks ago but I wanted to see if there were any sites similar that I missed.

ESL used to run a tourny/ladder in games. As did TWL. (I think) prizes used to be things like free server hosting.

Ive not looked at any tourny or ladders since bf3 and/or americas army / trackmania era mind.

Thanks for that info. We hosted a beta test WarZone tournament and a Fall Guys Tournament with our mates and they all loved it and are super amped for the next ones, so hopefully we can keep the interest and offer some awesome prizes.