PS5 - The Future of Gaming


Been waiting on this post. Looks class. Hopefully it doesn’t have to stand up like in the pictures or it’ll not fit in my TV unit!


Cheers pip. Any prices yet? Think I’ll be trading in the ps4 Pro and xbox one for this

Nope, no prices yet, I think they waiting for Xbox to show their hand first.

My guess is 449 or 499 for the disc one and 349 or 399 for the digi.

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An extra 100 quid for the ability to trade games, I take it they will still be releasing games on disk

It’s just a guess as all… But it will be more.

ANOTHER GTA5 port? Bloody hell.

Some curious stuff though, much appreciated Pip!

I (think) as they are giving GTA Online to PS+ peeps for PS5 next year that GTA VI will not have online and GTA Online will just evolve, as they said enhanced and expanded, but I guess the single player portion will just get an update for those that own the game on PS4.

Either way… my highlights

MILES MORALES gets a game!! I know it won’t be a full massive “Spider-Man 2” following on from the last one, but I am sure it will still be a sizeable experience.

Ratchet & Clank looks fucking beautiful and I want it now!

Returnal looks amazing as heck! Big leap forward for the Resogun, Deadnation, Nex Machina folks!

Kena: Bridge of Spirits, for what seems like a “AA” small studio title, this looks like a AAA experience!

Demons Souls, oh boy! Bluepoint on POINT again, looks soooo good!!


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Hitman III - Woop! Love Hitman games.

Just looking at the proposed spec of the PS5 - It’s pretty impressive. How does the GFX spec compare to a modern GFX card like a 2070 or 2080?

I mean, you can’t buy one of those cards for less that £500 - so to get a whole console for less than that + having super fast storage and an OS dedicated to nothing but running games… It’s an absolute steal.

Uses a mix of current/new/custom AMD RDNA 2 stuff, I guess it’s really difficult to compare as majority of it is all custom made, like custom chips for decompression, SSD controller, 3D audio etc etc. The CPU and GPU use AMD Smart Shift also.

But yes 100% a steal, with some damn impressive games to back it up.

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Seriously, Deathloop looks like its scratching every video game itch I want.

Arkane games are so damn good.

I’m truly impressed with it so far, seems to be a fair jump up in performance. Price will make a huge difference. If its really 500-550Euro it would be a steal. I might even go completely digital, depending on the price difference.

However, I’m not sure yet IF I pick it up. I kinda enjoy my fighting games more on the big TV over the PS than on the PC, mostly as its so easy to get a quick game in and I use my stick/hitbox for it anyway. Another reason are the larger communities on PS IF crossplay isn’t allowed. For example I wanna play GranBlue VS, but the community on PC is tiny. Then comes the reason I don’t like the PS for online games, the game pass nonsense for basic MP really spoils it for me.

Why do I need to pay MORE for basic functionality? Up to now I refused to do so as I don’t play enough online matchs to begin with, otherwise my PS4 would be the clear winner. This might change IF I wanna play more frequently online, for example with Guilty Gear Strife coming up. Up to now I could not justify the purchase and play mainly locally.

Backwards compatibility is another mayor issue for me. It would make a huge difference IF and HOW I could play previous games on the PS5. If I could play for example an updated version of SF 3rd Strike on the PS5, SF5 and some of the King of Fighter games it would be lovely together with Guilty Gear strife OR maybe the new upcoming KoF, DOPE. Right now I need to have 3 platforms sitting around to do so … . They said most PS4 games will run, a wet dream of mine would be if they make PS3 games run too, maybe my emulation. That would sell me immediately, there are rumors of it, but so far nothing confirmed.

In general, coming from the PC perspective I love the idea of a PS BUT with my very niche taste in games and some of the consumer unfriendly decisions my tiny mini ITX pc currently wins most of the time. With Steams big picture or GoG Galaxy 2 it is possible to setup a console-ish gaming PC but the PS5 is a much better deal and overall package. It is just a shame that a unified Playstation is probably an unrealistic dream of mine. If they get that working I will be the first to jump at it. Playing fighting or arcade games on the PS feels just awesome.

How it seems to me right now, I might upgrade my main PCs GPU for Cyberpunk (I will wait anyway and test my current one), get GG Strife on PS4 and simply wait for the PS5 to get cheaper and then maybe pick one up next year or the year after.

The games that look the most fun to me are Project Athia, Stray, Kena, Godfall, Solar Ash, Pragmata and probably Horizon. Basically anything that might have a solid story mode, is a bit adventury and some exploration in it without being overly fluffed up with open world nonsense to the extreme. Still, gonna wait for more information. The games shown look all impressive but I wanna see more gameplay and explanations what the main focuses are. Some of them won’t be released too soon anyway :smiley: .

All in all, interested BUT curious for more information.


I ignored that until now, after having a look it gives me some massive Dishonored vibes. Not sure though as I don’t like FPS games on controllers. I suck at it massively.

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Deathloop is also PC btw. Timed exclusive for PS5 console wise.

All PS4/Pro games will run, it’s how many will run at PS5 boosted frequencies which is being tested. Also it looks like there’s space for these…


Currently it’s just

PS5 - Native
PS4 Pro - Legacy mode
PS4 - Legacy mode

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The article I saw only said the top 100 games would be supported and the remastering engine was not fully confirmed yet. That graph looks fairly similar though. I wonder IF remastered games also feature online functionality and crossplay with PS3for example?

I wait and see for now :smiley:

Well the PS3 2 and 1 bit has been added fan wise, but shows there’s space for it on the original image shown -


PS4/Pro Legacy Mode is baked into the hardware… The “Top 100” games tested was about fully utilising the PS5 hardware rather than just legacy mode, they need to be tested one by one to see if any issues occur running at higher frequencies.

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My one and only contribution:


Fucking love this. I spat my drink out almost back into my glass!!



Edit: Wow…did not see the racial slur in the first meme I posted. Really genuinely sorry for that. It was one of the few I could find that didn’t include extra irrelevant screenshots. Fucks sake.

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Reading back through some of this stuff it’s pretty nuts lol

The controller itself hooks up to the main processor via a four-lane PCI Express 4.0 interconnect, and contains a number of bespoke hardware blocks designed to eliminate SSD bottlenecks. The system has six priority levels, meaning that developers can literally prioritise the delivery of data according to the game’s needs.

The controller supports hardware decompression for the industry-standard ZLIB, but also the new Kraken format from RAD Game Tools, which offers an additional 10 per cent of compression efficiency. The bottom line? 5.5GBs of bandwidth translates into an effective eight or nine gigabytes per second fed into the system. "By the way, in terms of performance, that custom decompressor equates to nine of our Zen 2 cores, that’s what it would take to decompress the Kraken stream with a conventional CPU," Cerny reveals.

A dedicated DMA controller (equivalent to one or two Zen 2 cores in performance terms) directs data to where it needs to be, while two dedicated, custom processors handle I/O and memory mapping. On top of that, coherency engines operate as housekeepers of sorts.

The Tempest Engine is effectively a re-engineered AMD GPU compute unit, stripped of its caches and relying solely on DMA transfers - just like a PS3 SPU. In turn, this opens the door to full utilisation of the CU’s vector units.

Where we ended up is a unit with roughly the same SIMD power and bandwidth as all eight Jaguar cores in the PS4 combined,” Mark Cerny reveals in his presentation. “If we were to use the same algorithms as PSVR, that’s enough for something like five thousand sound sources - but of course we want to use more complex algorithms, and we don’t need anything like that number of sounds.”