Revisiting Games with Mods

Do many of you make use of mods from places like Nexus?

I haven’t played a vanilla Bethesda game since Fallout 4 was released, even longer before that!

I use ModDB and Nexus for the following:

  • Fallout 3 (Nexus)
  • Fallout NV (Nexus)
  • Fallout 4 (Nexus)
  • Oblivion (Nexus)
  • Skyrim (Nexus)
  • Sins of a Solar Empire (ModDB)

I’ve also used some other sites for No Mans Sky and Borderlands 1/2 to fix some irritating issues. I gave a few mods for Valheim a go but none of them seemed to work at all so I gave up.

Currently I’m replaying New Vegas with a bunch of my usual mods, a bunch of which have been updated, and a few new ones:

  • AK47 v1.1 - Comes with a magazine, silencer and scope mod. Actually not used it much.
  • Casars New Regime Legion Overhaul - Wider variety of legionaries, new armour, new weapons, A LOT more challenging
  • Electro-City - Street lights and other public-space lighting now lit at night
  • High Desert Tactical V1.32 - The screenies make the gear look better than it actually is.
  • Holster Gear - Visual only, doesn’t work well with most clothing. Looks hilarious on the legionaries and their 12 M1911 strapped across the front and back of them.
  • L96A1 V1.1 - Haven’t gotten to the drop area yet.
  • M14 v1 - Kicks like a mule but has gotten me out of some serious scrapes.
  • Mission Mojave - Community patch aimed at fixing bugs/etc
  • Monster Mod - A silly amount of added variety to enemies. Just doing the REPCONN mission I’ve come across at least 8 varieties of Ghoul. Just recently discovered they’ve added Giant Lizard men with axes. Makes everything much harder and seems to respawn some enemy types in some places.
  • More Perks - Just for variety. Most of them are terrible, some are pretty cool.
  • NCR Rearmament - Makes them look like Mass Effect guards, but they don’t get annihilated immediately like they normally do.
  • New Vegas Bounties 1 - Nice added bit of variety, bit of voice-acted story, new locations, good fun.
  • Stutter Remover - Being both a Bethesda game and an old Bethesda game, performance doesn’t hold up too well over time. Removes the micro-stutter present in the vanilla game when played on modern systems.
  • NMCs Texture pack (Small) - Retextures a lot of the game with higher resolution or complete replacement textures, still not great but at least they don’t look as dated as they would in the vanilla.
  • NvInteriors - Revamps existing interior areas and adds a bunch of new ones.
  • Perk Every Level - Lotsa people consider this cheating since the base game only gives you a perk every other level, but I prefer getting one every level.
  • Reinforced Combat Armor (with gloves) - Looked good, haven’t found it yet.
  • Ruger SR-556 - Not over-powered like the one for Fallout 4, much better than the Service or Assault rifles in the vanilla game.
  • Someguy series - Requirement for the Bounties mod
  • Wasteland Flora and Terrain Overhaul - I like the Fallout games better when nature has started to take hold of the ruins instead of the standard barren wasteland. Bit iffy, some LOD issues, need to tweak this a bit.
  • Weapon Modification Expansion - Adds mods to a lot of weapons that didn’t have them in the vanilla and adds new kinds of mod to give you choices.

Also have Fallout New Vegas Script Extender to make a handful of the above work. I usually have another half dozen or more mods but a bunch have disappeared or were overhauled and are now turd. I have at least three times this amount for Fallout 4 and Skyrim usually, mostly to fix minor irritations like the absolute dog turd UI in Skyrim or to expand the under-developed building system in Fallout 4.

I’ve dabled with ENB mods before, but I’ve never managed to get them working, or at least I’ve never been willing to put the effort needed in to make some of them work. They look incredible, but most aren’t just ‘click > install’.

It is currently kicking my arse. I’m getting mauled and finding myself making use of stuff like skill magazines and a wider variety of weapons which I normally don’t bother with. I think it is the Community Patch and the Monsters mod that have changed things, not just with the wider variety of enemies but also one of them is now respawning enemies in certain places that the vanilla game and older versions of these mods didn’t.

You guys got any regular go-tos or have anything on the go right now?


Firstly, beautifully put together post, Vred. :clap: I am always impressed by the quality of posts in ZiiP, compared to some of the detritus you get in other communities.

I used to be all over mods in older games, but I continually get into a vicious cycle as I have demonstrated in “n0tch’s guide to old game modding”


That being said, I do mod WoW with ElvUI.


Thank you! Just trying to follow along with what Jes asked about making posts/threads more substantial, must have been a few years ago now.

I definitely hear that, but usually for me it’s a loss of interest by the time I’ve installed and gotten the 489 different mods I’ve chosen working.

I’m always impressed with modding communities and their immense commitment to their chosen games. I was super impressed with the level of modding you could apply to games like Freelancer, not only adding new content but rebuilding certain aspects of the original to bring the game closer to modern successors/equivalents.