Share your Screenshots

Show off your achievements, funny moments, or just stuff you thought was downright pretty!
Whatever the game or circumstance, share it here and tell your tales.

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Here’s a couple to start this all off.

Kerbal Space Program: This thing took so long to construct…

War Thunder: От Катюши передай привет!

PUBG: Self explanatory =P


This is a great idea. The top 2 are amazing! I’m not particularly into “look at meeeeeeeeeee and my l33t score” stuff, although if I have a miraculous game on WoWS I may screeny it… but the pretty pics are bloody fab!

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Final fantasy 14 one of the current raid bosses love the game


Pretty sunset on Tanoa.

Pretty Tracer rounds.

Pretty space stuff.


I like this idea! Rather than spamming screenshots of one particular game you pick pretty ones or ones that carry a story etc.

I r a bit of a screenshot mentalist when I really enjoy a game so I have rather a lot of them and this way I am forced to pick cool looking screenies :smile:

So here are some…

Here is a shot I took when playing Alien Isolation (fantastic game BTW!) of a Xenomorph giving Amanda Ripley a high five (she was safe behind the glass thankfully!)

I don’t know why but I find this shot, from DOOM 2016, amusing just look at how happy that skelly is! It’s like he was happy that demons ripped him apart!

Next up we have a screenie from Nier Automata, I just liked the lighting on this shot…

Next up is this one taken from Ori and the blind forest, this game is just beautiful (in every way from the graphics to the music) and I liked this scene…

Next we have a shot from Dead Cells (this game is like crack and has weened me off playing Binding of Isaac Afterbirth +) and I just love this statue in the background…its a sign of things to come down that chain below my character!

Finally we have a shot of super sonic, in Sonic Mania, during a boss fight…because its fucking sonic! (I r a SEGA kid)

I am concious of uploads of tons of images eating up space on the server so could anyone recommend a reliable and free place to put things like game screenshots? I used to use photobucket but now they want you to pay to be able to link to images on a free account, I know it costs bandwidth for them etc. but they were fine with that for years until now :confused:


Fair point on the server space.
I think Steam screenshots (if they’ve been uploaded) can be shared from a URL, so that might solve that for most things here.
For anything not Steam based, suggestions anyone?

For hosting screenshot, I genuinely recommend for hosting the images.

Lots of options on sizing and whatnot and it removes the storage requirement from our own servers.


i love this series so glad we are getting a 3rd

edit i uploaded this image to imgr as say but got a notification from the fourm that the image has been downloaded to the server so theres that *


What happens when you mod Skyrim too far:

Oh ARMA, you’re so crazy:

WildDog is a mucky pupper:

Some Vsari 'bout to get fuuuuuuucked:

Silly bastards, walking in straight lines:

U got a fukin problem m8?:

“My daddy always said: ‘If yall gun git shot, yall do it fabulously ya hear?’ - I HEAR YA PAPPA”:

“Jes - pass the smores!”

He said he saw me, I said I saw him too!:

Silly doggo, that’s not how eyes work!:

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD - one of the few games I’ve 100%'ed:


Fucks sake mate, I’m RIGHT behind you…

Bloody hell mate, calm down - don’t lose your…oh…wait…


Elite, my courier is kitted for speed, perfect for information transfer and blockade running:

Supreme Commander, doom awaits:

Oneupmanship :wink:

Reno da real MVP:

Interceptor flying through the super ship graveyard, homeworld:

Welcome to hell:


how the hell did i get MVP?!

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i gotta purdy new spaceboat, hurhur


And so brace for screenshot spam! It’s time for todays epic voyage on Kerbal Space program!

Ready for Launch! (Yes, that’s an N-1 as the main booster)

Successful Launch…

Got to love these Nuclear engines =P

Slingshot Maneouver around Eve (Venus equivalent)

Capture Maneouver at Juno (Jupiter equivalent)

And finally, exploring the Junian (Jovian?) system and its many moons =)


I’ll stick some videos up of this later, because I think it’d be a bit of fun for ZiiPsters to play… Mario Kart with real vehicles.

Here’s my dellboy inspired Robin Reliant. With front and rear shotguns…



So I randomly decided to put 2 traps behind a shield vertically on Rainbow 6… Look what I caught! :smiley:



i did that xander didn’t help at all the scrublord

this game looks fantastic!


This one’s for Xander:



KV-1 Zis5 Laying down some pain!

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Not sure if this is Slavic enough but heres my PUBG character

Foggy weather is might impressive

edit: apparently cant link from steam - Imgur it is!