Spider-Man (PS4)

Release date of 7th September has been announced today and Game Informer have exclusive coverage.

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looks fantastic i can’t wait for it :smiley:

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Should have shadow of war finished by then. Though will have to get assassins creed origins and god of war before this. SO MANY GAMES!

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Just ordered the collectors edition…i said no more PS4 games after getting my PC, but might allow Spiderman :slight_smile:

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I’ve got my order in too… No God of War interest? Out in 2 weeks.

once again,TOO MANY GAMES!

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Just not time for gaming, but was looking at the collectors edition as well for God of War which looks pretty good, but just a few games still to play.

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More words.

Thoughts on this massive graphics downgrade that is meant tp be happening on release?

Haven’t watched this… Won’t till I’ve played some…

Wasnt actually joking pip, seen/heard a few things in the last few days where they are meant to have toned down the graphics for release to what has been shown in all the demos.

Oh I know… but that’s my response to it all lol.

that downgrade crap is aload of shit the DF article has side by side comparison pics from the E3 trailer and final game so no spoilers and sure the puddles are different but spiderman ( arguably the main focus of the game) looks better

DF Aticle

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Also this…

And finally, the truth is that Spider-Man has actually been upgraded via a day zero patch available to reviewers, which introduces dynamic resolution scaling.

The locked 1440p we measured in prior presentations is swapped out for a pixel-count that changes according to GPU load, reaching a peak of 1944p (90 per cent of 4K) in our test samples from across the game. The contested area with the adjusted puddles runs at 2816x1584 in our review code, a 21 per cent increase in resolution over the 2017 demo.


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1 DLC, being release as 3 “stories” announced before the game is even release. This annoys me.

They started work on them post game going gold… nothing wrong with that.

So games only out a month before the 1st DLC. Doesnt sit right with me. Price of new games for them to say one month later there is DLC. If its free DLC, then maybe but why not put it in the game then?

Not sure what you mean by this?

going gold means the game has been handed to manufacturing and is done.

If you think game devs don’t at least start planning or creating content for DLC during a games development your mad, makes financial sense to do so as your staffing lvl is still high and are still upto speed with the content they have made. Plus if they waited would be a much longer turn around to getting content out to people and by them alot of people will have moved on to another game.

DLC isn’t a dirty word. Sony and insomniac arn’t dick heads all the DLC thye have made for there games have been worth it. ( im looking at you infamous first light)