Spider-Man (PS4)

Thought by gold, it meant sales.

Yeah, planning DLC while make a game makes sense. No argument there. Its the timing. Its only a month after release, and announced before the game has even been released. I just don’t like that. Don’t think its fair that anyone releases a game and straight away release DLC for it. Give it a few months. Yes people will move on to other games, but if you space new content out, it will bring people back to the game (depending of course if the game/DLC is good)

Never said DLC is a dirty word. DLC has its place in modern gaming. I personally rarely get it. Got one for the witcher 3 as I love that game, some for R6 but it was mainly free (in game credits) unless you wanted it a few days early, but in general I dont go for it. Expansion packs I’d get it it compelety changes a game or adds a hell of a lot of content. My issue/annoyance is the timing of the announcement and release. All to close together for me personally.

I dunno, I feel the opposite, I find if content is released months after, I generally forget to go back to it or find it hard to get back into the swing of things (pun intended) this way it keeps Spider-Man relevant all way up to Christmas.

Personal preference at the end of the day. If a game is released and then 3 months later a DLC is release, thats ok with me. 3 Months gives you time to complete the game (not everyone can play a game for hours a night) but to release a game and then only a month say there is DLC is just too soon for me.

I think that the DLC / Expansion pack / Season pass thing are pretty much all one and the same these days.

It’s like movies these days, there is a such an onslaught of new releases that there has to be suitable follow-ups in order to maintain peoples attention.

Hell, even War Thunder used to do substantial updates much less frequently than they do now. Since the player base has grown, they are pumping out new stuff every 6 months instead of once a year.

But like… you can still play the dlc once you’ve finished the game hehe. Nothing forcing you to play it as it’s released :slight_smile:

Either way. I’m fucking excited! It’s been too long since a Spider-Man game wasn’t just a cash cow bullshit game.

Oh I know that, you dont have to buy it if you dont want too.

Anyway, back to the game. Read 2 reviews today. One saying that it is class, best spiderman game ever and another saying it gets very “samey” and like every other super hero game. I’ll def get this at some point as it does look class.

These are the two reviews I looked at the highlights for. (How many other superhero games do we have for it to be the same as haha, I think that reviewer is drunk)

TBF he was reviewing an early release copy, and was comparing it the batman Arkham series.

That bottom of of yours, pretty much is the same as what was said in the one I read that was good.

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Oh and I’m 12 chapters into the Prequel book, it’s very good.

Do like the fact this won’t be a “normal” spidy game where you just find out about your powers but is set 8 years later.

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Just read the ARSTechnica verdict bit (going to read the full article later):


Sold. Going to see where its going cheapest and pick this up for Kate’s PS4.

Full article link.

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Now to spend the day finishing the book, waiting for my mate to get back from work. My copy is being delivered to his… Well it’s his copy that he’s giving me, he’s ordered the Spidey PS4 Pro and the Collectors Edition.

@Jester - reckon CDKeys might be doing a deal on this?

They currently only list a DLC peorder pack (Which really grates me but hey ho) but not the main game.


been playing it a few hours last night and a fair bit today great fun

i give it 10 batmans put of 10 spidermans


Image is 15MB… Cannot upload, Imgur failing too… However, the photomode is awesome!!


This might work. I have no idea.



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completed it today very good

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Pretty sure I’ve only just scratched the surface story wise.

Every time a new collectible appears on the map I must get them before moving on haha

Just got a lend of this and my god is it good! 1st superhero game since the 1st Arkham game where you actually feel like a superhero!

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