Switch general thread

Getting started with this:

Can’t wait to pick it up, love me some Armored Core.

Also just picked up Mugsters which piqued my interests simply for having a demo but ended up being really interesting and good fun for a £10!

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The first one looks fantastic! Giant mechas fighting, how can that not be fun.

On my buying list is Dragon marked for death! Been waiting for over 1.5 years as it got delayed constantly.

Fire Emblem Three Houses seems like it might be fun! The chracteristic Fire Emblem gamelay with good character developement? I hope so.

I already played Gris for around 5-7h and its amazing. If you like games like Journey or Child Of Light pick it up. I played it at the airport for almost 3-4h straight and time just kept flying by!

My thoughts on games I already played:

  • Smash Ultimate, must buy if you like fighter games, its glorious! The content you get for the price is astonishing. Currently, beside Gris and Bayonetta, my most played game on Switch.

  • Street Fighter 30th Anniversary, same as above if you like Street Fighter pick it up.

  • Valkyria Chronicles, just as a solid RTS as the other games, the button layout is a bit clunky and it has some weird issues with the performance. I prefer the PC version for now until it gets fixed

  • Fire Emblem Warriors, feels like a horde slasher game with some RTS elements to it. From what I heard its very different to other Fire Emblem games. It has some nice characters but I feel like the gameplay is very redundant! Every now and then I pick it back up again. It can be fun chaining combos and killing everythig on the screen just to get that S-rank you always wanted. The two main chracters are obnoxious, the girl less so than the boy.

  • Super Mario Odyssey, solid Mario game. Nothing more nothing less.

  • Mario Kart, perfect game if you have some friends over which are not crazy into fighters.

  • Mario Tennis, oddly weird game. I really liked it in the start but with Smash being released I stopped playing. Its similar to Mario Kart, if you are more into sports and have 3 friends over its great. The story mode reminds me of a really bad written fighter story but the fights themself have some really cool twists to them. At its core it is more of a fighter game than an actual sports game though.

  • Bayonetta 1 & 2, if you don’t own it on any platform just buy them. I love it! Great story, great combo system, at which I suck, and very nice enviroments for its age. I’m a bit stuck though at one boss … . I love the characters, Bayonetta as much as the cliche italian dude :smiley: .

  • Hollow Knight, its bascially a perfect match for the switch. Its similar to Gris in a few aspects but defintely harder. I prefer Gris because of its art style and slightly more casual approach. I’m not sure why though, both games are very beautiful in their own way but Gris catched me more.

  • other games to follow once I get home

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I have Bayonetta 2 on my list of must plays already, even though I have only played the first one I am hyped for Bayonetta 3!

I might get Celeste on switch so I can play at lunch when I’m at work!

If you like old skool shoot em ups try Ikaruga on switch but be warned its fecking NAILS hard but still a great game.

There are so many games on switch that are also on PC but I’m trying to not double up on any purchases but that plan already failed as I got crypt of the necrodancer on the switch when I already have it, I’m likely to cave in an get sonic mania on switch too as I luff me some Sanic!

There seem to be a lot of “hidden gem” games on the eshop which I was quite surprised at and some of them are cheap too.

Couple of peeps at work have switches and they are always playing smash bro’s, I have only played it once but I’m not sure I see the appeal so I’ll mull that over.

One thing that really irks me about switch games is how insanely expensive some of the games are where the digital download is the same price as the physical copy, I’d like a small chunk off since there is no case or physical media to pay for.

Going back to not wanting to buy games I already have…I really want to try DOOM and wolfenstein II to see them for myself as its incredible how Panic Button keep on doing things that the media crunts promised everyone that couldn’t be done :rofl: but ill probably wait for those and grab one or both used as a physical copy.

The only thing that I don’t like about the switch is how stingy the internal storage is! I know it would have pused up the price a tad but a huge chunk of my internal storage is taken up by Diablo 3 so I need to get myself a big ass SD card now :slight_smile:

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I just ordered a 128gb Class 10 A1 Samsung one from Amazon for £18!

There is a 256gb version for £38 if you want to push the boat out.

Currently really enjoying Mugsters, feels very mobile-y now I’ve played it for a bit but I’m not feeling ripped off for a tenner.

I totally get what you mean about prices though, I want to take the risk inspite the reviews on Manticore: Galaxy on Fire but its £18…for a mobile port that is something like £5…wtf is that about?

But weirdly some stuff is cheap, I was shocked that Valk 1 is only £15 to the point that I’ll probably buy it on payday even though I have it on PC already.

The store is also terrible on both the Switch and online through a browser.

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I’ve got a 200GB San Disk ultra, works fine so far.

Continuation of my quick reviews:

  • Super Bomberman Still fun with people who dont have to be super into games to enjoy it. Still other games have the same effect and if you own them already this is sort of obsolete.

  • Zelda Breath of the Wild Weird one, people kept telling me its fun, the open world is great but for some reason this insanely large world scares me. I know its fun when you get stuck in but it never really clicked with me. Maybe next week if I have a whole week off?

  • I am Setsuna Love hate relationship, the game itself is kinda nice. Very solid RPG, nice combat mechanics. I just made the mistake to stumble over the ending of the game, and its super melancholic and a bit pointless. I like happy ends and stopped playing before I can get attached to the characters

  • Splatoon 2 Its lovely if you enjoy FPS games on controllers, I hated it and wasn’t very good at it. If you enjoy having every button on your controller mapped to a function, dive right in. I couldn’t deal with it, 3d movement on controller is nuts.

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This just seems downright odd of Microsoft to decide - what obvious angle am I missing here that isn’t a ninty benefit (as someone in the comments puts it: Why make a communications platform for gaming when you can use someone else’s?)

Edit: for the record, I’m not saying I’m against it, I just find it odd after so long of each platform holder desperately wanting us on their platform only, suddenly two of the big bods wanna play nice - whats the angle here?!

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For Microsoft it almost makes sense to do this. The xbox isn’t particluarly well regarded these days so they try to get on other platforms. Nintendo did really well with Switch, so they try to reach a bigger audience! Maybe they hope if they have success with games on other platforms people might get an xbox simply for crossplay?

Still super weird to actually see them do it. Strange times.


Bought and have been playing a good amount of the first Valkyria Chronicles.

Really surprised at how well it runs and how naturally it works on the Switch controls.

There are obviously FPS dips here and there, and the view distance gets a bit squiffy in the desert levels because of the res when playing on the Switch screen, I need to try it out on the TV to see if it makes any difference.

Really happy with the Switch so far though!


Just found out Rebel Galaxy: Outlaw is coming to the Switch!

Must buy for me.

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Seems like the best place for this… Blimey if true.

Already knew about the xbox app thingy but Ori on the switch!? Hell yeah! Loved that game, hopefully they’ll put the sequel, due soon, on switch too.

I wish Nintendo had a better system for describing how the controller and multiplayer options work.

I never feel like I really know how I use the various controller options and how they fit in to the various modes unless I can find a video that goes through them all or I just pick the game up myself and figure it out first hand.

Just looking at Mario Party to figure out what controllers I can and can’t use and how the various modes work in and out of docked mode with the different controller configurations - I’m really surprised the options seem so limited.

With all the talk of buying the same game multiple times in the E3 thread, I’ve gone and bought Steamworld: Heist Ultimate collection for the third time for Switch.

God I love this game.

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Well shit another game I already own and love is coming to switch…

Alien Isolation!

I’m curious as to how that will run and then I’ll have to try to not buy it on switch :rofl:


Imagine playing that or Resident Evil in a realy creepy place. Like Caloans axe ginding room or Jesters weird murder garage full with saws, axes and shit :stuck_out_tongue:


Completed Steam World Heist for the fifth time and can’t believe how well it works on Switch. It’s got me craving a second game.

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Done almost another run through to the end on new game+ with some characters I don’t usually play and got burned out.

Really, really want more turned based games for the Switch, the other options are either a little on the pricey side, I own them already or they’re not my bag.

Wish list:

  • XCOM 1&2 (Maybe 2, most likely some shitty new game even if they ever do release anything on there)
  • 40k Mechanicus (A big maybe for the studio I think)
  • Sword of the Stars: The Pitt (Seems like it would be an easy port, not sure the devs would be interested)
  • Pineapple Smash Crew (Suuuuper doubtful - Also not turn-based but would still be great on Switch)
  • Divinity OS 1&2 (Save an new engine I doubt this a lot)
  • Breach & Clear (Maybe given their mobile port)

Any you know what I’m shocked never became its own little niche genre? Actraiser 1/2 from the Snes. A god game where you actually have to go down and do a bit of fighting in this lovely side scrolling hack and slash, defeat evil threats and bosses and then beat the end boss. I’d buy just a rerelease of the games let alone a remake.

They need to start bringing in more quality games, the store is starting to look like Steam, maybe even the Play store with the number of mobile ports and mobile-esque games.

@vredesbyrd you say you doubt some of them due to engine stuff i mean CDPR have The Witcher 3 running on the little thing never give up hope. Also DooM runs on it XD


You’re totally right! I forgot all about that.

And Doom!

Maybe the Divinity team might give it a go.

Both divinitys are on ps4 and xbox one so a soild chance. i think all the old DnD games baulders gate and never winters and that lot are coming to Switch soon to

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