The Last of Us Part 2 Release Date

Urgh I totally didn’t want to watch, but I’m now overloaded with everything, I’ve already forgotten it all Haha!!

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Might as well just throw this in here too

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Seems like the multiplayer mode “Factions” grew too big and with the story already being too ambitious, had to put it on hold. My guess is that it could either be bundled in with a PS5 re-release or be a PS5 standalone title, either way I’m excited to see what they have lined up.

Well that was kind of inevitable, a game set post pandemic is delayed because of a pandemic :frowning:

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YUP! I totally forgot to post, thanks Hammy :slight_smile:

Also there’s a new Story trailer… (Which I will not be watching)

Edit - Derp… The post has the trailer and release date… #Fail

So who’s going to be playing Friday? I have it preloaded, cannot wait.

I’ll be looking at picking this up soon, wanna finish Red Dead 2 before my next ps4 game!

Let us know how it is though :wink:

Damn son! You best stay off of all social media till you get it! People will go out of their way to spoil (even more so than they have already)

That’s the plan! I still have avoided Red Dead Spoilers man ^^

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Darth is Captian kirks father in red dead auto 7

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Online to say one thing, this game is so beautiful it gave me goosebumps, screenshots will not do it justice.

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im waiting for the post man


Currently have 8hrs 45 playtime.


What a game.

Jesus fuck.

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Okay so. Just shy of 15 hours playtime (not finished yet)… I honestly have no idea how people can call this trash.

Visuals - Check
Sound - Check
Visceral combat - Check
Engrossing story - Check
Characters with depth - Check
Fleshed out world - Check

It’s a solid game. I donno why it’s just not holding me much anymore.