Tie Fighter Total Conversion

I’ve never been an absolute Star Wars nut… to me, it was always about Episodes IV, V and VI. But, as a kid I fell in love with Tie Fighter… and, I think, It still remains one of my favorite games of all time in terms of emersion, story and involvement.

Well… It’s been remastered by the fan community!

I am soooooooooo getting that. Need a joystick… ideally, a mid nineties one that doesn’t stick to the desk properly…


That clicks with every movement and its worn out from playing track and field


Any one of these:


I had something like this:


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Think I broke that one too

But back on topic, that does look great. Be interesting to see how it plays. Hopefully they havent over done the controls and kept it simple a bit like how it used to be.

Yeah, me too - that’s why the game worked so well.

Yep - Gotta go and uncover that traitor Admiral Harkov and help Admiral Zaarin produce some new Tie Defenders… Good times…

Did you never try Squadrons? Was pretty decent.