Since a handful of you guys are on this as well I thought I’d setup a new thread. For those who haven’t seen the game:

So far: I’ve got myself a high-walled compound, a hut, I’m currently building a dock area and I’ve just reached the point where I can start on metal stuff.


The dock I’m setting up is the beginning of a canal project that I’m going to dig through from coast to coast so I can (hopefully, if its deep enough) raft from one end to the other and eventually set up larger docks with a longship on either end.

What you guys up to?


We have been getting iron. Need to upgrade the kit then do the bone boss.
Also we had a great bug with an carrot that would not despawn when picked up. We took full advantage:


I’ve not gotten around to farming yet, I’ve just been foraging, hunting and building:

I actually love how you have to build the support beams inside the buildings to stop them falling down or being easily destroyed. I went full defensive wall after the second massed attack but I’m not sure it’ll stand up to more than one troll at a time.



Digging it deep enough while floating in just the right place is a bitch.


A little bit bigger boat.


Building shit is the most addictive.


You working from references? Thats awesome!

Most of my time has been spent digging the canal out:

Fully dug to the lage and managed to sale the raft along it without bottoming out. Decided to take a break from that and setup metals and build something:


I did look at some pictures of viking longhouses but there has been many revision since the beginning. Mostly because you get new material and things to build and then you run out of space. I bet your pickaxe skills have leveled up nicely. I like how you made the dirt wall part of your defences.

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Two wolf heads?! Christ, it took me three respawns to kill the only wolf I’ve come across!

Finished the building but I really don’t like it and its barely standing up. Its going to stay up for now but I’ll likely rip it down and do something else:


Once you get your gear upgraded with iron, wolfs are not so bad.

I constantly want to change or tare it down, especially after you see what other gamers have come up with. Some are very creative. Something I lack badly.


Discovered that you can’t teleport with ores or ingots…wtf?

(spoilering the most ‘ranty’ bit)

Googling around, supposedly it is to “stop the game from being easy” or to “stop boats/carts from being pointless”…those sound like excuses for smelly game design decisions. If you have to cripple the abilities of an item like a teleporter - an item they put in the game - to make it so that your other design decisions work, you’ve fucked up.


  • Have a teleporter that lets you teleport anything but costs a lot more or needs to be ‘powered/fueled’

  • Have no teleporters

Got full blown ‘Forest Whittaker eye’ reading the people claiming its to ‘prevent the game from being finished too quickly’ (Soooo artificial game lengthening?) or to ‘prevent carts and boats from being pointless’ (Remove them or implement complimentary/opposing systems with more thought) or to ‘prevent the game being too easy’ (yeah because not having a 40 round trip makes the game ‘easy’) - Its fucking weird.

Meh, obvious easy solution is to just move smelters and crafting bench to mining area, but that just feels like a forced choice designed to push you to have to setup multiple bases across the world in some poorly thought out attempt to get you to explore.

Here’s a novel idea: Reward progress while making the world interesting enough to explore in its own right.


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Any way: Progress!

Rebuilt the main building:

A bunch of decoration has been added since these screens.

Also built a portal station for four portals to the north/east/west/south coasts of the starting island:

I’ve set up two of the coastal portals so far, each at a small dock structure.


More progress:

Killed angry tree man:

Start of the portal network:

One of the starting island costal portal stations/docks:

Eastern island portal station/dock:

Map scale:

The hooose:

The farm:


This happened a while back. Only rendered now. Also made to be looked at on a phone…


Some updates to the base.

Skål! That’ll be 4.50.

Too many pigs.



felt sad so decided to buy some dopamine with this today
so far i have died by boar, by winglet thing by neck by a skeleton and by a log i was trying to chop up a hill

i did build a log cabin but then the entire thing broke down which confused me no end
so taking a breath now i like it though very chilling


So my little valheim video has done well. 1.1k views in 3 days :slight_smile:


Quick update today I’ve been chopping trees and chopping more trees I’m not sure on my direction yet I built a house a little house behind it and a big wall around it then decided every tree is disgusting and needs to be levelled so chop chop chop any tips would be great


Added a new gate


Expanded the port.


Yuck icky trees