War Thunder Update and General Thread

So update 1.71 has been released today!

It’s about a 3.6GB update.

Here is the full change log including all the vehicles, maps, mechanics changes etc,


Already downloaded…well here at work…got to do it at home next :slight_smile:

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Gutted to see that fucking ATGM units are still Tier 5 :confused:

I had really hoped that they would have fucked off to Tier 6.

However, you can now fuck up their rockets with shots, even from an MG!

Yeah i thought they would have been up teired…but as you said…at least there is a new way to counter them if you see it coming

Just keep in mind the reload time of the IT-1 being insanely quick and that the Rakettenjagdpanzer 2 has 2 shots before it has to reload and can turn on a dime!

Stooks, could you do my login today please?

all done buddy

morrrre words of some sort

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Some VERY welcome changes to the BR ratings for a lot of things! ATGM units will be fucking off to highest BR rating games and Tier 5 stuff will be based around actual tanks again :slight_smile:

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This is why I love War Thunder, it’s the insane attention to detail:

New parameters for thermodynamics which are responsible for the effectiveness of the cooling radiators, subject to flight speed, have been applied.

The accuracy that they have for their in-game units is just insane.

That they do matey, which is why it’s a great game…when you don’t get one shotted when you are angled properly from 1k away :slight_smile:
The French are getting planes soon too…which hopefully means tanks soon after too.

Altho much of the French stuff was not very good…or the good stuff was just experimental / on paper. Will be interesting to see what they come up with


Tried a little tank grind last night and just got completely mullered. Tk’s on my side, horrendous matchmaking, I had a moment of joy when I out-manoeuvred another tank one -on-one only to watch 2 shots ricochet off his rear then get one-shotted by him.

Went straight into my seal-clubbing Fw-190 and gloried in the kills :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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TK’s on your side???You playing sim battles and not arcade???

That’s what I was thinking! I can’t remember when I was last TK’d, other than being smacked by artillery in a Tier 1 SPAA.

Spoon… ya gotta roll with me fella :slight_smile:

Well I thought it was a tk, a tank blew up at the start and one of our guys was firing at him - definitely arcade mode though.

Probably a self-destruct. Happens if a player disconnects or loses connection. I see it about once every 5 games or so, some player will just randomly explode or no reason.

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(James & the Giant Peach)

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I’m away with cadets from tomorrow (22/10) till Friday (27/10) can @st00kz &/or @NaloaC do my logins please?? Sent you both PMs with login details.

Cheers in advance :slight_smile:

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Np buddy. I’m sure between the 2 of us we will sort you out :slight_smile:

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Of course dude, we’ll keep you sorted :slight_smile:

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There’s a shit-load of events and whatnot going on over Hallowe’en since it marks 5 years after release: