What have you just bought?

Couldn’t find a similar thread, but I am rather dim.

Just bought a Synology ds918 and two Seagate 4Tb iron wolf drives

Setting things up had been relatively straightforward so far.


Tell me what you think after some time of trying it out please. I was considering buying one around December but decided against it. Now however my main HDD is acting up a bit, like increased reaction times and I really want a 2nd local backup (beside the cloud one).

Mainly looking for a solid backup server for my large picture (300GB of photos) and movie (2TB) collection, maybe some light movie streaming? I’m interested if it deserves the praise I saw in most reviews, especially the software!

Will do. I’m in the same boat as you. We’ve loads of stuff that’s just built up over the years and didn’t have any proper back ups apart from some external drives and one of those started acting up a few months ago.

Setting things up wasn’t complicated but there are one or two funny decisions they made. If you don’t set up a user it’ll keep the admin account named admin and without a password. Setting up an account will automatically make it the admin and disable the stock account. They recommend doing a disk check on new drives and that takes several hours, so I just had that running overnight, but I’m not sure that’s entirely necessary. One bizarre thing I read is that resetting the machine using the reset button defaults the machine back to using the stock admin profile. It seems like a major lapse security wise but I guess if someone had access to the box no amount of security can help.

Software so far seems quite good and easy to use. No problems accessing and setting things up using my laptop or Zarah’s Mac and it only takes a minute making new users and defining permissions for them.
The Android apps are nice, just set up the automatic photo backup for our phones, and will sort out the music one later. I haven’t used the VPN app yet but looking forward to playing with that. You can also set up notifications to email or SMS that’ll keep you up too date with any tasks you’ve scheduled our any issues that pop up

The box itself seems well built and installing and removing drives takes no time at all. The only issue with it is that it only has 1Gb Ethernet whereas some other models have 10Gb, some of the Qnap models also offer this at same price but I haven’t researched those very much. I transferred about 30GB of photos and 114GB of media earlier and the transfer without any issue.

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Well that was already enough to be fair. Pulled the trigger on it too. My photo collection from Korea and Japan is too precious to me to not have a 2nd local backup of the original raw files.

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Please let me know if you set the VPN up on it as I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

I’m playing around with a Plex server right now, VPN might be next. Will let you know if it works out. The Plex server part is pretty awesome, might digitize a few more movies to add them to the collection!

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+1 on letting us know what you think - been debating building a NAS as the main filesystem on my network, but not sure whether to build a pc from scratch for that purpose or just buy a system like you have

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I’d love to have built one but on the my desire to have one that actually works outweighed that :slight_smile:

Not tried plex yet. I just bought two Jam Audio Symphonies, they were about 70 euro each and using bubbleupnp and the jam app for multi room audio. Working out reasonably well but I do have to flick back between the two apps as bubbleupnp is having issues controlling audio volume for both speakers when synced.

I have myself a WD EX4100 with 22TB space I think. Plex is amazing to use, especially as you can find it on pretty much every device now days.

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with 22TB space…


had to buy this


Just ordered one of these bad boys…


The link is fucked, as it’s not a Radeon card, it’s an nVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050Ti with 4GB GDDR5

4K touch-screen, 2-in-1. Happy days.

Got it down to €1,500 instead of €2,200.


Got myself a Bravio Audio V2 headphone amp! Not bad for £46… I don’t know much about tube amps, but my Sennheiser HD598s have never sounded so good!! Now need to look at changing the supplied Chinese tube… But will need to research that, unless anyone knows anything about them.

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Top quality job sticking to that 1000 euro budget :wink:

You remind me of me

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Got a set of dice ready for starting up DnD :smiley:


i know a little bit :smiley:

There are now people putting together new tubes i believe, but for the longest time people hunted down vintage russian tubes because russia overproduced and stockpiled them right up to silicon based transistors making them redundant, so people were endlessly searching for decades old NOS (New Old Stock). I believe it’s easier now to get something that you’ve read a review of, but ymmv.

Audio’s all very subjective, so your best bet is to try and find recommendations specific to your amp and headphones, and see how others said the sound changed, and then try a few cheaper options until you get an idea what you want it to sound like and what direction you want to go with it.

All my other stuff is aimed at having a relatively neutral (flat frequency response) sound, so my hi-fi is relatively ‘warm’ in comparison, and the valve amp for the headphones then turns it into LIQUIDGOLDAUDIOSEXMAGIC and lets it flow into my ears, and it is wonderful.

I couldn’t recommend anything specific as i’m using a different amp and cans (littledot mksomething and dt880pro, akg q700 or alessandro ms-1), and only changed the tubes once based on a recommendation from a friend with similar tastes and the same equipment.

I have bought 4 philips hue dimmer switches, oddly enough so that i can use my phone and voice control more rather than the light switches. And a bottle of IPA, because it’s useful and my last bottle ran out.

Nice dice Reno! Mineral dice are the way forward (even if i have really nice semi-precious dice but play almost exclusively on roll20 where i don’t use them).

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I was looking at the LittleDot MK2 but for double the price, not really worth it considering the 598s are only 50ohm. I am looking to upgrade to the HD600 or 650 at some point though… Just not any time soon.

head-fi is often a good place to look for tube recommendations.

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Asus A88XM-PLUS socket FM2+ DVI HDMI 8-Channel HD Audio mATX Motherboard

8x SATA 3 Channels and more PCI slots can help my little FM2+ Server expand. Next purchase will be an improved case - possibly a Fractal 804.


Did some research today… I couldn’t not buy after seeing these reviews on Amazon.

Electro Harmonix 12AU7EH Gold

If you are buying this for your bravo audio v2, just click buy it now!

It’s night and day over the stock tube. Amazing detail and clarity.

So I was skeptical about the effect of changing tubes, I have a Bravo V2. Well, skeptic no more. I have been seeing all the good reviews and just couldn’t imagine it was that great even though is saying it is. Amazon reviews are suspect a lot of times these days. From when I first installed it, it has made a HUGE difference.

This added range, high and low, to my Bravo Audio V2 as compared to the stock tube.

I bought this to replace the stock tube in my Bravo V2 headphone amp. I read the other reviews and I was a bit of a skeptic on home big a difference the tube swap would make, but HOLY COW.

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