What have you played lately?

Very similar to the “What have you seen lately?” thread… But with games… :open_mouth:

I have very recently completed Detroit Become Human, the game is nothing short of spectacular! Solid 9.5 (would have got more but it made me cry)

If you have a PS4 I highly recommend playing it, even more so if you enjoy the likes of Westworld and Humans.


What have I played recently.
PUBG - too much
Overwatch - a couple of games
Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 - not completed by a long shot.
BFV closed alpha 2 - starting now so have to see how it is

The dishonored series - awesome games through and through
Doom 2016 - because its easily one of the best FPSes of all time as far as I am concerned and it’s sequel looks absolutely insane
Overwatch - the gang we’ve got is pretty good now, nice to have regulars :smiley:
Dead Cells - Roguelite/dark souls but in 2d, really fun to play.
Enter The Gungeon - Roguelite bullethell shooter with absolutely mental guns.

Also playing Uncharted 4 with the GF, after finishing Horizon and the New God of War Together.

Been a busy year of gaming, not gonna lie :smiley:

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ARMA3 Wastelands
Farcry 4
…thinking of firing up Skyrim again…

Waiting for Summer Hols to be over so can join in a mass ZiiP shootyfest :wink:

Just got Inquisitor Martyr and loving it.Can see myself sitting for hrs trying to get a nice build :slight_smile: (even tho i have no idea about these things lol)

Warthunder! Air, Tanks and Boats.
The Golf Club 2

Overwatch, because it’s fun again with a good team (I stopped playing for a while before I joined the discord, because people in quick play were so toxic)
Fallout 4, because I’m taking a break from Skyrim
Assassin’s Creed Origins, because it’s an Egypt-lover’s wet dream and finally has a protagonist I like
Sims 4, because sometimes I need to forget about real life obligations by focusing on virtual chores
Technically also Witcher 3 which I’m loathe to finish because I like it so much, if that makes sense


WarThunder planes more than anything else
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, completed main game & now running through all the Uber Kommander assasinations & other side missions (mainly collecting items)

Monster Hunter World, finally on PC! Be careful it will consume your life. Be sure to get some rest, and drink enough water >.<

Not falling in to that trap that is for sure

I have been playing:

No Mans Sky - Not very far in, still working stuff out…I have made a tiny base, explored some planets and visited a new star system so far…still got no fucking idea what I’m doing! :smiley:

Dead Cells - see Xanders comment, I have had this since it was early access so am on a new save file unlocking stuff now that is has reached release.

Enter the Gungeon - This had a free DLC announced recently and so I’m back to it.

Sonic Mania - Recent new DLC for this too…encore mode is really hard!

I still play Binding of Isaac Afterbirth + occasionally but the above have meant I haven’t touched it recently.

I still need to finish Hellblade and Rise of the Tomb Raider and I plan to re-play Alien Isolation on nightmare mode as I really enjoyed that game and nightmare is really tough and so im up for the challenge!


Currently playing Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. Cheap and no longer as bug ridden.

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Pokemon Quest which is really really good and despite being F2P has really relaxed microtransaction stuff without the pay to win or punishing paywall. Niantic got the F2P stuff done much better than they did in Pokemon Go, the battery timer isn’t frustrating, the decision to make the recipe timing based on missions is great, the cooking aspect needs a bit of work in terms of the chances for better Pokemon, it’s a really surprising and nice little game, especially for a mobile game.

Edit: And they shower you with challenge and achievement rewards without being a carrot for a good sticking or cheapening anything.

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Finished that a while ago, best assassin creed game (until orgins) since 3

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I agree, I thoroughly enjoyed Syndicate, the Jack the Ripper DLC was very good also.

Currently playing Shogun 2 again.

Holy crap does it still hold up. Fantastic game.

Played Dawn of War through again and forgot how much fun it was, the went on to Winter Assault and forgot how little fun the Imperial Guard are to play as.

Started a Dark Crusade campaign but on my second day playing my save had shat its self so I uninstalled it.

Also replaying Doom 2016 but going for a almost all secrets run which really does make you a badass in the later levels. A few cheap spots in levels with them reusing a few of the spongier enemies that I didn’t notice first time around but still fun. Still can’t believe Fear Factory had nothing to so with the sound track!

Installed Dues Ex: Human Revolution but haven’t started it yet because part of me can’t be arsed trudging through the first 4 hours of hand holding.

Talking myself out of buying the Fallout 4 season pass that is something like £13 on CDkeys at the moment but cba because Fallout 4 is still soulless and fuck the current modding situation that results in even needing all the DLC. Also talked myself out of a Switch a bunch if times recently…

Getting antsy for the new Ace Combat aswell!

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New ace combat :smiley:
try ultimate apocalypse for soulstorm. Adds pretty much EVERYTHING from WH40k into the old engine. It’s unbalanced but crazy fun.


Nothing yet… Next Friday or Saturday will be BFV

SCUM will be added to my Steam tonight :slight_smile:

You can base build in it !!! whoo hoo !!!