What's stuck in your head right now?

If you’re like me, you’ll get a song that is stuck in your head… it could be new and blowing your mind, or it could be old and stoked a load of memories… or it could be a classic that you’ve missed - but regardless… you end up just listening to it a lot for a while…

Basically, What are you listening to right now?

(A similar thread to this broke the old forum, lets see how this on stands up on Discourse…)

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  • 1 link per reply. This is about specific tunes/songs - not dumping your entire playlist on everyone. Post more than one link, and I’ll remove every subsequent one. Equally, sequential spamming may get the same results…

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I’ll get the ball rolling. This is proper stuck in my head. Not sure why I’m not into LCD SS more.

If you’ve not heard this before. The first 3 minutes isn’t the whole track… :wink:

LCD SS is hardly a bad thing to have stuck in your head! :smiley:

This is mine… again…

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As soon as this comes on when I’ve got my music on shuffle, it’s then stuck for a week.

(Warning excessive use of the word fucking)

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I’ve been on an acoustic binge ,loving this piece:

i hate this song, truly hate it… its bloody stuck in my head after hearing it on the radio

You know that samples right saix fred in too sexy? They had to include them in the writing credits cos the drum beat is simlaur


i didnt, but used to love Too Sexy when i was younger, might explain why its stuck in my head :joy::joy:

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Just love this song

after hearing this in gardians of the glaaxy 2 i’ve been hooked


how were you not aware of Rumors* until guardians 2?!? Or are you from a weird generation after it was the theme music for bbc grand prix/motorsport coverage?

This one’s for you Reno :stuck_out_tongue:

*I heard the 278th pressing is going to be sick.


DAMN YOU @adrock !!!

This one here at the moment:

Editors are one of my favourite bands. This is in my head at the moment.

SURRENDER :smiley:

I listened to this once and for some reason I have not been able to get some of the riff’s out of my head and as such I listen to it in the car quite a lot :blush:

The fist time you hear the riff is at 2:20 ish and I get some iron maiden vibes from some of the guitar stuff later in the song.

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this right now

Oblivion soundtrack, this was haunting. A decade ago I played this…and despite how sad this sounds, it was truly eye opening. One, that games could be so immersive, and two, that music could be so powerful:

Who could this be aimed it, I wonder? :grinning:

This has been firmly entrenched in my head for weeks now, the baseline is mesmerising:

So after you posted that clip of Rick & Morty with Hurt playing in it, I had to listen to my favourite NIN song, which is now in my head…