YOHO Getting ready to set sail!

Continuing on from Game-of-Blame style card games, I’m excited to announce that YOHO is ready to Kickstart in just a few days time.

You’ll notice some marked improvements over previous games - including a rework of all the rules and a new illustrator on board - which frankly pushes the quality up to near AAA levels. I’m really impressed.

Click “Get Notified” on the KS page if you are interest. Please share absolutely everywhere… all social media and anywhere where you think people will be interested


Much love and many thanks!! @blackscorpion


Kicked. Copy for me, copy for my class!

My class have gotten a kick out of this (excuse the pun), feeling like they’re the ones kicking and are getting excited for their copy.


I’m all-in on this, but I got the latest update and I noticed the shipping costs. Oof.
Sounds odd, but I don’t think I’ve paid that much for shipping in years :smiley:

Yeah, is mental - looks like it is parcelforce pricing. Brexit eh? :shushing_face:

If only we’d remained in the EEA…

EEA? If that’s a fanceh t&c’s then that’s on me :laughing:

European Economic Area - Wikipedia

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I did not even summon my Google-Fu this day…